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Lynn MacFarland, Best in Show
Livermore-Amador Valley Garden Club (LAVGC) is a non-profit educational service organization affiliated with California Garden Clubs, Inc. serving the Tri-Valley Area: Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, San Ramon and Sunol.

LAVGC Vision: Gardening for fun and purpose while working together to share knowledge and promote environmental responsibility.

LAVGC Mission: Encourage interest in all phases of home gardening; Promote better horticultural practices; Promote civic beauty; Promote conservation of natural resources.

LAVGC Brochure.

LAVGC offers special interest groups and workshops on a variety of related subjects.

Different special interest groups include Edible Gardening, Floral Design, Garden Tours and Seed Sharing.

Members take tours to see outstanding gardens, nurseries and to attend horticultural events. Members also perform community service locally and nationally.

LAVGC meets the second Thursday of September through June at Alisal Elementary School in Pleasanton. Update May, 2022: LAVGC Monthly meetings are planned to be in person beginning with the June 9, 2022 meeting.

LAVGC Speakers: past and future (or, Word Document).

Allowed Calendar Events will follow current ACHCS and CDC Guidance. Click to see ACHCS Guidance. Check with Activity Contacts for the status of other scheduled activities shown in the Calendar Events to the left.

Regular Monthly Meeting IN PERSON
Thursday, January 12 2023 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm at Alisal

Regular Monthly Meeting ONLINE

Important Update: Due to the weather, the in-person meeting at Alisal School is now a Zoom-only meeting. Please log in from home. Do not go to Alisal school.

We are planning for our February meeting to be at Alisal.

Speaker: Lisa Ayala

Lisa Ayala, a member of Furyu Floral Designers, will be presenting "Branching Out" at 7 PM. Lisa has been doing floral design in both western and Ikebana styles since 2006. Her inspiration comes from a mixture of the two styles and she feels that having been trained in both styles, her creativity can go full western, full Ikebana or happily somewhere in between. Lisa has won California Garden Club's Flower Arranger of the Year for several years in a row with her designs. She has also had many of her designs featured in the NGC Vision of Beauty Calendar, which includes our international affiliates.

Any questions about the meeting, please contact Barbara Stott.

We look forward to you joining us for our next Zoom meeting. We will be sending a notice prior to the meeting

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LAVGC is inviting Members to our Monthly Meeting on Zoom

Topic: Branching Out by Lisa Ayala. A floral design presentation
Time: Thursday, January 12, 2023, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Members only will receive an email close to the meeting with meeting join details. If you were a 2021-2022 member and have not renewed your membership, you may be blocked from joining future Monthly Meetings on Zoom. Please submit your dues free, insurance required Current Member Application Form now.

Members can join the meeting starting at 6:45. When you join the meeting, you will be in the "waiting room" until the host lets you into the meeting. When you are let into the meeting, your microphone will be muted. Please use the "chat" feature if you want to ask a question.

See LAVGC Zoom Instructions for tips for those new to Zoom. See LAVGC Zoom Participation Tips for tips for participating in Zoom meetings.

Members having difficulty connecting to the meeting or have technical questions, please contact Zoommasters Nile Runge or Graham Stott. See the LAVGC Yearbook for their individual contact information.

If you have any trouble getting on the meeting as it starts, call Nile Runge, 925-443-2237 for help.

If you are not a member and would like to join Zoom meetings, please complete the Membership Application Form. Members receive the monthly newsletter, annual Yearbook, access to the Members Only section of this site and Zoom meeting details each month. If you are not a member and would like to attend a specific Zoom meeting, please contact Jeri Stark, President to request Zoom meeting details.

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Sad news

We are sorry to report the passing of a long time member of our club, Len Smith. Len for many years was the keeper of our website and just this year he resigned the position, but without missing a beat found a young high school student to take his place and spent a good amount of time to teach and mentor this young man.

Len will be missed and we send our condolences to his wife, Lea Smith and their family. We will be processing a Penny Pines plantation is Len's honor.

Jean Tavonatti, one of our founding members and first president with Bernice Oakley, passed away at 89 in October in Manteca.

Tree Count

Our national garden club has asked us to send in counts of trees we have planted in 2022. Count both trees you have planted along with any that organizations you belong to have planted. Send the count to Jeri Stark by January 15.

Established Plant Donation

Jacquie at Alden Lane gave our name to a woman that is moving out of state and is unable to take potted plants she has in her yard. She called Jeri and would like to donate for our sale. Jeri is looking for someone with a truck that can go with her in January to pick up the plants and bring them back to her house where she will store them until our sale. If you can help, call, Jeri Stark.

Veterans Blue Star Restoration

Because of Covid, restorations of the memorials have stalled. The San Clemente Garden Club came up with a process to restore the plaques and it was published in the state newsletter. Dana Boyd and her husband from our club have agreed to work on the restoration of the plaque installed at the Veterans Hospital in Livermore many years ago by members of our club. In addition to the plaque, the surrounding bed has long needed to be refreshed and saved from the deer, rabbits, and other animals that come for dinner. This spot is at the entrance to the hospital and at this time we are suggesting that we do a one-day work party and remove most of the plants and spread bark/mulch for a better presentation. If you are willing to help with this work party, please call Jeri Stark.

Seed Share

SeedShare will hold its first seed packing party on Wednesday, January 18 from 11-2. These seed envelopes will be delivered to both Pleasanton and Livermore Civic Center public libraries for distribution to the public community to take and grow. This is a program that was started with the Pleasanton library in 2015 and Livermore the following year. It is supported by the club and both library Friends organizations. We just need your help saving seeds and with packing. Please contact Sondra with seeds, questions, or to sign up to help. A food sharing to follow.

More information about Seed Share.

Eden Garden Report

A huge thank you to all who helped out at the Eden Garden this season. It was truly a collaborative effort. We would particularly like to thank Lois Barber, Tina Higashi, Terri Muir and Michelle Tallon who stepped up to be work party leaders and to Judy Matthew, Ellen Aguirre, David Gates, Dana Boyd, Beth Clark, Bill Stevens and Shirley Eastman who also contributed many hours.

We harvested 3,432 pounds of produce and logged 801 volunteer hours this season! Our produce was donated to Tri Valley Haven, Goodness Village and Culinary Angels.

We hope to see you in the Garden in the upcoming season. Any questions please email

Happy New Year!
Bill, Barbara and Graham

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Newish Member Information and club background

If you're new to the club or if you are unfamiliar with some of the club projects, you might want to check out the slides from the Club's September 12, 2019, 35th Anniversary program. We were treated to two slide shows about the Club. One is about club activies, including current activities. The other is about the many tours that members have taken over the years. Although the program wasn't recorded, the slide shows in PDF form include both descriptions and pictures.

Perhaps the tours slide show will inspire you to volunteer for tour group leader for our Club, a position that is still open. If there is no leader there won't be tours.

Please know that the slides are very large and may take a while to download: Club Activities; Garden Tours.

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Help Wanted

Make A Difference for Pleasanton

Looking for volunteers to man our table at the Make A Difference for Pleasanton Festival on Saturday, January 14, 2023, at the Senior Center. 8:30 to 11:30 or 11:30 to 2:30. Call Jeri Stark to get details. See LAVGC yearbook for contact info.

Garden Club Want Ads related wants, needs, offers, for sale>. **** RECENTLY Updated September, 2022 ****

This column is for any garden related items that you have that you want to get rid of - either selling or giving away, just to get them out of your place and it's too long to wait for the Plant Sale. You can also list needs or even if you need help in the garden and wish to hire someone for a few hours a week. Or if you'd like to hire out to help someone in their garden a few hours a week. Let's share with other gardeners in the club!! Click to see Garden Club Want Ads.

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Members Only section

Check out the Members Only section. Click on the 'Members Only' menu selection on any page, enter the Id and password. The Members Only section contains the club Yearbook, speaker video links, club forms, newsletter archives, meeting minutes and more. Members may email Jeri Stark, President to obtain the Id and password.

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LAVGC Roster Addendum

The updated 2022-2023 LAVGC Roster Addendum is available in the Members Only section to view and print. The Roster Addendum includes cumulative membership changes, such as, addition of new members and changes to current member contact information, since the Yearbook was published. The Roster Addedum is in Yearbook format so it can be printed and inserted in your physical Yearbook.

Member Alert: if you have changes to your contact information, please email Molly Fisher. See the LAVGC Yearbook for Molly's additional contact information.

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Talks on Video

If you missed our meeting speakers' informative talk, you can see the video of the talk on the club website Members Only section. Most of our recent club meeting talks are on view there. Select videos are also available to the public. See LAVGC Speakers: past and future.

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LAVGC is now on FaceBook

Please search for Livermore Amador Valley Garden Club on FaceBook and request to join. This is a private group meaning only those who are LAVGC members will be able to access and post to the group. Once you make a member request, I will approve you and you will be able to view and post. I am the only administrator and I do not look at it more than once or twice a week so it may be a little bit until you are approved. Thanks for your patience!

Please use this site for communications such as you have extra plants/gardening things you wish to give away or you are looking for certain plants/tools or maybe a plant identification. You can post a reminder about club events but that is secondary. Important club information needs to be primarily disseminated via the newsletter or the meetings or email just like usual.

I am no Facebook guru but if you need some help setting up FB or accessing the group let me know and I will try to help. Please contact Michelle Tallon, Garden Share cordinator. See the LAVGC Yearbook for additional contact information.

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Garden Share Social 2023

Saturday April 29th

Save the date!

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Donating seeds from your garden to SeedShare

Yes, we need your seeds. Flower, vegetable, herb or bulb, we have an interested community willing to grow them. We especially need herbs and vegetables. Save your heirloom tomato seeds, peppers, basils, parsley, dill, chives, cilantro, lettuce, peas and beans for us. Do not save seed of hybrids (F1) seed as they will not come true. Let the plant go through its life cycle, flower, and dry. This is a slightly messy part but it matures the seed. Then harvest and clean the seed as you can, or contact me to assist you. You can save some for yourself and share the rest. Passing along seeds is a part of a long agriculture tradition. Let's keep it going by seed sharing. We all reap the benefits.

If you are growing any of the above and are willing to save your seeds, please let Sondra Bierre know that you have them. Sondra can tell you how to harvest seeds for particular plants if needed.

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Penny Pines for Gift Giving

Jeri mentioned Penny Pine Plantations at our meeting in November and wanted to remind you that they make great gifts. Only $68 dollars each. You can complete the Penny Pines form. Follow the directions on the form and mail the form to Jeri Stark with a check for $68 made out to LAVGC. Jeri will order the plantation and make you a certificate to give until the forest service is able to respond.

Our forests need our help more than ever and this is a wonderful gift.

Please contact Jeri Stark, Penny Pines for her address or see the LAVGC Yearbook for Jeri's contact information.

Click Penny Pines to learn more about the activity.

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Youth Contests and Club Awards

Be sure and check out the web sites of the California Garden Club, National Garden Clubs and Pacific Region Garden Clubs for fun projects for your children, grandchildren or neighbors children. Also awards available for clubs and club members if you fill out the forms. Deadlines vary so check the guidelines carefully. Feel free to contactl Jeri Stark, LAVGC President if you need help. See the LAVGC Yearbook for Jeri's additional contact information

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Gardening Opportunities with Oakland Zoo

The Oakland Zoo is currently home to over 200 species of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, grasses, rushes, sedges, vines, and succulents, which are cared for by Ray Odeh, their Horticulture Manager.  If you are interested in volunteer opportunities at the zoo, check out under the tab Volunteers & Interns.

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The Granada Native Garden, Livermore, volunteer opportunity.

The Granada Native Garden, or "GNG", was established in 2003 to promote the spread of drought-tolerant California native plants in Livermore, as well as to serve the students of Granada High School.  The Garden is located on Murrieta Blvd., directly across from the Nob Hill-Rite Aid shopping center.

GNG has a volunteer workday every month on the Second Saturday of the month, from about 10:00-12:00. If you are interested in joining, please contact can contact Jim Adams (lead maintenance gardener) at  Jim is happy to provide more information.

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