Thanks, thanks and more thanks...

Thank you to all the volunteers who year around help maintain and improve our gardens and our cities.

...We had a small but productive work party at the Sensory Garden in April.  A big thank you to Nancy Harrington, Dolores Bengston, Tina Higashi, Shirley Eastman, and Beth Clark.  The Beauty Berry got its summer haircut, spent daffodils and daylilies were deadheaded, a section of bulbs removed to make way for some new specimens, lots of weeds lost their lives, and several new sages were planted...all in just a few short hours.  The Sensory Garden is looking great. Thank you!

...;Thanks to Nadho Selig, Shirley Eastman, Judy Persons, and Dolores Bengtson for helping pack seeds for SeedShare at our April gathering.  We had a good time and some tasty treats to keep us going after we packed envelopes of seeds for the libraries. 

...Thanks to Judy Matthew and Diane Dovholuk for our April EGG program.  Judy did a wonderful job organizing the tour of Clare’s Fare and Diane’s talk never fails to engage us.  Much thanks also to Beth Clark who runs our zoom meetings and to Tina Higashi for her email notices to the group.  Many hands make light work.