GARDEN CLUB WANT ADS related wants, needs, offers, for sale

This column is for any garden related items that you have that you want to get rid of - either selling or giving away, just to get them out of your place and it's too long to wait for the plant sale. You can also list needs or even if you need help in the garden and wish to hire someone for a few hours a week. Or if you'd like to hire out to help someone in their garden a few hours a week. Let's share with other gardeners in the club!!

Send items to Betty Nostrand by the 15th of the month. See the LAVGC Yearbook for additional contact information.

  • Kim Billingsley has a neighbor to recommend - He does a great job on sharpening my garden tools, kitchen knives and sewing shears.

    Knife Sharpening Business by Bret. Contact is Bret Brarmanini.

    Precision Sharpening can sharpen your various gardening tools.

    Pruning Shears ($10), Loppers ($10), Grass Clipper ($11), Manual Hedge Trimmers ($15), Hatchets ($10), Axes ($18) and gardening hoes ($10) all can be sharpened.

    We also sharpen kitchen knives too. Sharpening deal for garden club members. Sharpen 3 gardening tools and I will sharpen one kitchen knife < 7" blade knife for free until Dec 31th.

    Precision Sharpening - Making dull things sharp since 2019.
    Added Nov, 2020. Still available Oct 22, 2021.