Seed Share

Seed Share Library

Pleasanton Library Adult Information Desk
400 Old Bernal Road, Pleasanton, Ca

Livermore Library - Civic Center
1188 South Livermore Ave, Livermore, Ca

The Seed Share library's seed is provided by club members who grew the plant and saved its seed. The seeds are prepackaged for your convenience. Our goal is to continue the art and tradition of seed saving as a physical act. This act to preserve an heirloom variety through saving its' good seeds will guarentee it to be a good performer in our area. We welcome all open pollinated seed that is not hybrid F1 in origin to be saved. We look forward to offering workshops on seed cleaning in the future. Our seed inventory will change constantly throughout the year.

The seeds are distributed free of charge to our Club members and to the community at large via the Pleasanton and Livermore libraries. The goal is to get people to grow open pollinated seeds and then save the seeds from those plants to share with others. Our choices for purchasing open pollinated seed is becoming more and more limited so this is our effort to change that and also to develop seed that is adapted to our local conditions. So join in the fun! I guarantee you will get to know your fellow garden clubbers better as you sit and sort seeds. Beginners welcome (we are very much learning as we go). Get saving those open pollinated seeds for us please!

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Seed Share Work Party

Wed. June 15, 2022 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. Location: Sondra Bierre's home. See the LAVGC Yearbook for Sondra's address.

The next seed packing party will be on Wednesday, May 18th at 11-1 at Sondra Bierre's home. We will continue to pack seeds for the libraries followed by a food sharing.

For more information or to signup, please email Sondra Bierre. See the LAVGC Yearbook for additional contact information.

REMINDER: We still are recruiting your seeds from spring flowering herbs and plants. Names like, parsley, chervil, cilantro, chives, garlic chives, sweet peas, garden peas, lettuces, forget me nots, cerinthe, foxglove, nasturtiums, rose campion, and California poppies. Seeds from bulbs are also good. If you have something in question, contact Sondra. She might want it.

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Good links for information on seed starting, seed saving and when to plant in our valley

Super Easy Seed Saving brochure.

The Richmond Public Library has a great Seed Saving program. Check out their website Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library. What's a Seed Lending Library. There are now over 160 open libraries.

Gardening. Botanical Interests has good information on seed starting, edibles, and other things of interest to gardening.

Seed saving handbook.

Seed saving help.

Alameda County Master Gardeners site.

CCC Master Gardeners planting guide. Contra Costa County Master Gardeners planting guide for vegetables in interior California.

Tom Clothier. A great site for germinating perennials, trees, annuals.

Click here to see the the LAVGC Resources page.

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