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President's Letter

Greeting LAVGC members

I hope you can get out and enjoy this nice weather that really feels like fall. It's a beautiful time of the year, not only the temperature, but the wonderful colors that surround us. It's hard to say what pleases me more, the bright colors of spring flowers or the beautiful colors of our trees and bushes in the fall.

I am just back from the Fall Board meeting for California Garden Clubs. It was very interesting to meet and work with about 50 members from around the state. I was very interested in the reports on the projects being sponsored around the state to help develop and/or refresh natural habitat in different parts of the state. Local projects are restoring Big Basin Park that suffered that massive fire two years ago and regenerating the Black Point Historic Gardens in San Francisco. I suggest that the Club consider donating to one or both of these projects, which we have not done before. Something to think about and I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

I want to repeat something I have mentioned before and that is for you to be sure and take advantage of our website and the many useful items we have available for your use. If a speaker has agreed to have their program recorded, their program video is located in the Members section of the website. If you are thinking of offering to help the club, you may want to check out the job descriptions noted currently under the contact information. (Remember all positions can be a shared position, sign up with a buddy or connect with a new friend to lend a hand to our club.)

Do you have grandchildren, or in my case greatgrandchildren who would have fun entering a contest and perhaps winning a few dollars? Check out the California Garden Clubs, Inc awards manual and look at the 6 contests listed. Most of them have a deadline of December 1, but there is a poster contest with a deadline of January 23 and an essay contest with a deadline of January 10. Most of the contests are for youth from grade 1 thru 6th but a couple include grades 7 thru 12. I am happy to send you the guidelines if you have children, grandchildren, or neighborhood children who may be interested, and you are not able to pull the guide from the internet. Also, if you have a primary teacher in the family, and they work in California, they might want a class project. In the last two years we have had winners who collected ribbons and a total of $75 and they went onto the national contest. Because the entrants need to be sponsored by a club, all applications should be passed by me to ensure that they meet the requirements of the contest.

We are still working on a hybrid process for our monthly meetings. It has not been an easy task and Graham Stott, with help from Beth Clark, have been working to develop a process that works for us. Due to continuing testing requirements, we had to make the decision that the November meeting will be Zoom only. We will be testing in hopes that we can have a hybrid meeting in December, although our December speaker from Huntington Gardens in San Marino will be presenting over Zoom.

In closing I want to also send thanks to Terri Muir and Gayle Pawloski for hosting our new member meet and greet. I saw pictures and it looked like a wonderful afternoon. Thanks also go out to Dennis and Molly Fisher for the great yearbook that arrive in the mail last week. Good Job!!

Jeri Stark, President 2022/2023

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Misc. Items of Interest

...Member Alert: Please contact Molly Fisher if you have changes to your contact information. See the LAVGC Yearbook for Molly's additional contact information.

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