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President's Letter

JUNE, 2022
Greetings LAVGC Members

We need help!!

After much effort to try and find members willing to step up and take responsibility for some of the board positions open for 2022/2023, we have had to improvise. I have agreed to be president for another year even though I had accepted the leadership of the Diablo Foothills District. This means I will be spread thin as we are having difficulty filling the district positions as well. I will only be able to do this for the coming year and will need at least one person or a duo to sign up to lead the club. 

Terri Muir, current VP of Special Interest Committees has agreed to combine those responsibilities with the VP of Meetings and Organization Committees. Hopefully we can once more split these responsibilities and find two or more people willing to take on these responsibilities for 2023/2024 as Terri has agreed to handle this responsibility for one year only. Norma Foss, our treasurer has agreed to continue for one more year but will retire June 30, 2023. 

Len Smith, our Web site manager, announced his retirement on June 30, 2022. He has found a high school student to take over the task and he will be training the student. As this is a high school student, it may be necessary to replace him next year if he goes off to college. Graham Stott and Beth Clark have agreed to continue the support of Zoom, but we need someone who will attend the in-person meetings to run the necessary equipment for a combined Zoom and in-person meeting. The responses to our survey on meeting choices shows an almost 50/50 split between in-person and Zoom. We are currently working on securing a meeting site that meets our requirements for in-person meetings. 

We have not been able to find someone willing to act as chair of our annual plant sale, either alone or with a partner. Unless things change, we believe that Amador High School parking lot will be available for the sale. In the last two years we have been successful in holding smaller sales in our garages, and we can continue to do that as well if need be and we can find a leader. 

I will be asking the chairs to update job descriptions, which will be posted on the website. If you would like to understand what each job entails, send me a note give me a call and I would be happy to send the description to you. It is important to note that all positions can be a shared position and we have had very effective leadership with two people holding a job. 

It is often said that many hands make for an easier task and that is very true about our garden club. We have many people who have contributed in the past and continue to fill many positions and they are very willing to help someone new learn the job and offer support. What they are not willing to do is continue to do the job with no help. Whether you are a new member or a long time member, we would love your help. 

I hope you give these notes some serious thought and can see your way to lending a hand.

Happy Gardening         Jeri Stark.

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