Thanks, thanks and more thanks...

...Arbor Day Thanks - Arbor Day 2018 came together with the help of many club members. Erica Dedon wishes to thank the Arbor Day Committee; Peggy Despotakis and Dolores Bengtson with their ideas and suggestions to Jacquie Williams Courtright regarding the revised information sheet and seed packet cover. She would like to thank those members who came out to Alden Lane's Seasons Building on Saturday, February 17th and helped to package 1000 Poppy seed packets until we ran out of poppy seeds! They were Inge Spotnitz, Sybil Mercier, Nora Kvale, Don Kvale, Dana Boyd, Terri Muir, Lori Martin, Juan Hensley, Phyllis Houghton, Dolores Bengtson, Judy Matthew, Lois Barber, Donna Perry, Pat Cooper, Jo O'Neil, and Sondra Bierre. Many thanks to Dolores Bengtson for designing the revised students' information sheets as well as her guidance in facilitating a smooth assembling operation and arranging all those seeds packets neatly in boxes! Many thanks again to Dolores Bengtson for working with the district office to have the Arbor Day flyers finally printed and folded so we could hold a stapling workshop at her house on Tuesday, February 27. Club members who helped with the seed packaging returned to help with the stapling of 1063 flyers and seed packets were Phyllis Houghton, Donna Perry, Inge Spotnitz, Dana Boyd, Terri Muir, Lois Barber, Dolores Bengtson as well as Lorna Kruse, Christine Steiner, and Tia Kay. Thank you to our Arbor Day presenters: Dolores Bengtson for her presentations at Mohr and Alisal Elementary Schools, Tia Kay for her back to back presentations at Fairlands Elementary, Sandra Hirst for her presentation at Valley View Elementary with new recruit Carolyn Annis and Lorna Kruse for their presentation at Vintage Hills Elementary School. Finally, thank you to Jeri Stark and Norma Foss for expediting the Penny Pines Foundation certification process with the US Forest Service. The Pleasanton Elementary Schools received their Penny Pines certificates during their Arbor Day presentations.

...First Street Pots work party - We wish to thank all of our hardworking gardeners who turned out to beautify the First Street Pots. They are Dolores Bengston, Doris Ryon, Shirley Eastman, Dana Boyd, Karen Abbruscato, Judy Matthew, and Cyndee Carvalho of Alden Lane. By now the pots have been returned to their locations downtown where they will provide visual interest into the fall.

...Thank you to Mary Davis and Judy Mathew for joining Dana and Lois at Hansen Park Rose Garden on March 22 to spread the Preen, weed preventer. It was a less than nice day but we got the job done.

...The March display window in the Pleasanton Library featured a LAVGC display. A big thanks to Vicki Cunniffe for her assistance in the display's arrangement. Thanks to her, the signs were not upside down nor placed too high (or low) to read. Vicki is now our Club's "display specialist". Thanks, Vicki!