Thanks, thanks and more thanks...

...A huge Thank You to Lois Barber. Mary Davis, Julie Hausheer, Nora Kvale, Daniel McCright, Jack Pons, and Jane Rasmussen for your help at the Hansen Park Rose Garden on May 9. We love having folks join us who haven't signed up for the job but are devoted, diligent workers. The garden looked much better for our efforts.

...Eden Garden Thank you! - Thank you to Lois Barber, Beth Clark, Bill Tallon, Judy Matthew and Graham Stott for helping out at our work party. Berries were constrained with wire, eggplant, melons and berries planted, weeds removed and 150 pounds of fava beans harvested! We were very productive on this lovely, cool, morning on May 12

...Seed Share Thank you! Thank you to Lois Barber, Judy Person, Sharon Bowers, Judy Matthew, Dolores Bengston and Stephanie Ericson for helping out at the May work party. We got many seeds packed and enjoyed a delicious food sharing - thank you to all who contributed. Thanks to all who have helped out during the Garden Club year, please join us as your plans allow during the summer.

...Thanks to those who helped get the Sensory Garden ready for the Member Garden Tour: Dolores Bengston, Sandra Hirst, Bill Tallon, Beth Clark, Betty Nostrand, Surjit Kalra, Ana Gravelle, Lois Barber, Donna Perry and Daniel McCright.