Thanks, thanks and more thanks...

...Our job this month was to spread eight bags of rose fertilizer and ten bags of alfalfa pellets on all of the 436 roses in the Hansen Park Rose Garden. We applied two cups of each kind of fertilizer for each plant, which is their main feeding for the entire season. Our crew consisted of Dolores Bengston, Tom Jefferson, Jeannine Carbino, Dana Boyd, Tina Higashi, Jane Rasmussen, Dick Ryon, Mary Davis, and Lois Barber. In spite of having to lift 50 pound bags, we were finished by 10 a.m. with time afterward to enjoy the refreshments brought by Lois. Mary Davis and Lois Barber.

...Friends of the Garden at Camp Arroyo - January 27 was our garden day - with all the rain, things were in need of some attention. Thanks to all! The Garden looks so much better. Shirley Eastman and Mary Davis took on the challenge of digging mint out of the front flower bed - so much work - but what a change. Mary also worked with Norma Foss with some of the children who were in the garden and dug out oregano and comfrey from the other front flower border. Bill Tallon and Dolores Bengtson worked though our coffee break, and completely finished trimming back the honeysuckle. Tina Higashi took on all of the roses working her way around the garden and all are ready for spring.

...Eden Garden - We had a wonderful work party on Sat., Feb. 25th, the weather was beautiful and amazing people turned up to help out! Berries were cut down, weeds completely slayed and compost area now very visible, flowers and vegetables planted, planter box moved, fruit trees pruned, greenhouse worked on and last but very much not least, the storage barn completely cleared of mud! We had a great discussion time about sowing seeds and planting mediums. Thanks to all who contributed with their expertise. It is always great to learn from each other. Thank you Beth Clark, Jay Davis, Mary Davis, Lois Barber, Michelle Tallon, Mark Kennard and Graham Stott.

...Another great work party at Eden Garden on Fri., Mar. 10th. Our discussion time was about building good soil and an impromptu lesson on alstroemerias, commonly known as Peruvian lilies. Think everyone now knows what they look like! Thank you to Lori Schussel who dug up and potted many berry plants, to Beth Clark who planted and weeded, to Lois Barber who planted our carrots and nasturtiums, to Sarah Leu for bringing her adorable 9 month old, Lily and her grandma, Chih Tai (they managed to do an amazing amount and we were sad that Lily had to get off to her Library lesson), to Jay and Mary Davis who trimmed the buddleia to perfection, to Mark Kennard who pruned the persimmon and at the end of the day, dug in to get tough weeds out of the ground, to Cary Fukada who restored the compost pile to its height, to Shirley Eastman who dug up the alstroemerias for the plant sale and attacked the weeds with gusto, to Graham Stott for continuing on the with the greenhouse and to Becca Langstaff for much weeding and for bringing her extremely fun, young boys, Grant, Colby and Oliver. Who knew you can almost run as fast as a turkey, catch a lizard and have a personal mud zone? Love it! Any budding Grandmother Natures - you need to hang out with us.

...Thank you to Betty Nostrand, Terry Rondebush, Judy Matthews, Dolores Bengston, Deb Insel, Judy Person, Karen Sotto, Karen Abbruscato and Leslie Hoffher for helping out at the March Seed Share packing party.

...weeding and cleaning up the Sensory Garden last month were Nancy Harrington, Dolores Bengtson, Barbara Stott, Karen Abbruscato, Beth Clark, Mary Davis, Sandra Hirst, Surjit Kalra, Betty Nostrand, Dan McCright, Lois Barber. We didn't, but someone pruned the heck out of the wisteria!