Thanks, thanks and more thanks...

We owe a very big thank you for all the folks who contributed to the success of the 2019 Plant Sale on April 6. To all of our members who helped out before, during, and after the sale, we thank you for your time and enthusiasm and also for the plants and boutique items you contributed. We cannot say it loud enough, a most hearty thank you to everyone.

...Arbor Day Thanks - Arbor Day 2019 came together with the help of many club members. Erica Dedon wishes to thank those members who came out to Alden Lane's Seasons Building on Saturday, February 23rd, and helped to package close to 770 California Poppy seed packets and stapled them to the Arbor day brochures. Brochures were then counted out and loaded into thirty 2nd grade teacher's bags. Packers were David Gates, Terry Roundebush, Judy Matthew, Lori Martin, Juan Hensley, Jo O'Neil, Karen Sotto, Lorna Kruse, Lois Barber, Dana Boyd, Pat Cooper, Dolores Bengtson, and Shirley Eastman. Many thanks to Dolores Bengtson for getting the brochures printed at the school district office as well as her guidance in facilitating a smooth assembling operation. Thank you to our Arbor Day presenters; Dolores Bengtson for her back to back presentations at Mohr Elementary School, Sharon Howard for her presentation at Fairlands Elementary and mentoring Bruce Daggy, Sandra Hirst for her presentation at Valley View Elementary with Carolyn Annis and Lorna Kruse for her presentation at Vintage Hills Elementary School. Finally, thank you to Jeri Stark for expediting the Penny Pines Foundation certification process with the US Forest Service and printing out "unofficial" certificates in time for the presentations. The Pleasanton Elementary Schools received their "official" Penny Pines certificates the following week. Special thanks to Sharon Howard for offering to reseed Daffodil Hill with the leftover California poppy seeds!

...This info missed the deadline last month for getting in the Newsletter, but we are just as thankful. We are so appreciative for your help on March 16 to spread the Preen, alfalfa pellets and the rose fertilizer at Hansen Park Rose Garden. A good job was done by Dolores Bengtson, Mary Davis. Tom Jefferson, Liz Johannsen, Daniel McCright, Gayle Pawloski. Jane Rasmussen, and Joanne Strickland.

...A big thank you goes out to Beth Clark, Lois Barber, Nancy Harrington, Betsy Harris, Bill Tallon, Michelle Tallon, Surjit Kalra, Tina Higashi, Bruce Daggy, Anne Vincent, Betty Nostrand, and Daniel McCright who participated in the work party at the Sensory Garden on April 19. They weeded, cut back spent growth, and set out some new plants.