Thanks, thanks and more thanks...

... On January 5 these dedicated members braved the weather to support the winter pruning at Hansen Park Rose Garden in Livermore. Our many thanks go to Gail Bachman, Dolores Bengtson, Mary Davis, Tom Jefferson, Terri Muir, Jack Pons, Gayle Pawloski and Joanne Strickland. Even with this dutiful crew there were still many unpruned roses so on January 12 we again met on a nicer day to almost finish. Our thanks go to Gail Bachman, Jack and Marilyn Cutting, Mary Davis, Tina Higashi, Georgette Huber, Judy Mathew, Daniel McCright, Sybil Mercier (a first timer, please come again), Gayle Pawloski, Dick and Doris Ryon and Bill and Michelle Tallon. A special thanks to those Pleasanton residents who traveled to Livermore. Then on Sunday, January 13 Gayle Pawloski returned to finish the patch she hadn't quite finished the day before, that's above and beyond. Dana and Lois were also there on Sunday to do a bit of tidying up. Another community project finished for another year. Thank you one and all.

...A big thank you goes out to the following people who participated in the Sensory Garden Work Party on January 18: Surjit Kalra, Lois Barber, Betsy Harris, Bruce Daggy, Anne Vincent, Dolores Bengston, Bill Tallon, Michelle Tallon, Nancy Harrington, Beth Clark, Betty Nostrand, Judy Matthew, Ana Gravelle, and Daniel McCright. They weeded, cut back dead and frosted growth, pruned shrubs, divided up and replanted some daylilies and sunflowers, and planted a Daphne odora in a location where its perfumed blooms can be enjoyed now and for many years to come.

...a huge thank you to all the garden club members who helped at the Memorial Service for David Oakley, (one of our club's founders): to Beth Clark for technical advice on the programs; to Jacquie Courtright for the daffodil bulbs, all packaged and labelled for attendees to take as a memento; to Dolores Bengtson and Peggy Despotakis for handling the refreshments and the "Cookie Crew" - Barbara Stott, Terri Muir, Bev Howell, Tina Higashi, Kim Billingsley, Joan Green, Judy Person, Jane Rasmussen, Nora Kvale; and to Graham Stott as "Johnny on the spot" for moving chairs/tables, filling coffee makers, trouble-shooting extension cords etc.

...As you may have heard, Bernice Oakley fell and broke her leg the day before the service and wasn't able to be there but it was videotaped to share with her.