Thanks, thanks and more thanks...

...Much appreciation and credit to Dolores Bengtson and Lois Barber for leading us through two very successful years as co-Presidents of the Garden Club.

...A huge thank you to Michelle Tallon for organizing the great Garden Share and social time. Thanks also to the members who shared their gardens: Dolores Bengtson, Erica Dedon and Barbara Stott and her neighbors. Such a beautiful day and so many great ideas in the gardens!

...We are so appreciative for the effort by Dolores Bengtson, Gail Bachman, Mary Davis, Tom Jefferson, Doris and Dick Ryon, Valerie Morrow and Joanne Strickland on May 7 to dead head the roses at Hansen Park Rose Garden.

...Barbara, Karen, and Beth would like to thank everyone who volunteered at Eden Garden this year. We couldn't have done it without you!

...Participating in the Sensory Garden work party on May 17 were Stephanie Ericson, Dolores Bengston, Nancy Harrington, Judy Matthew, Pam Scheeler, Shirley Eastman, Beth Clark, Tina Higashi, Betty Nostrand, and Daniel McCright. They tidied up the garden by pulling weeds, deadheading spent flowers and leaves, and selectively pruning some of the shrubby plants. We thank them very much for their effort.