Thanks, thanks and more thanks...

...Helping out at the rose-pruning work party at Pleasanton Gardens on January 14 were Sandy Yamaoda, Ichi Yamaoda, Lois Barber, Lori Martin, Nancy Harrington, Tina Higashi, Tom Jefferson, Betty Nostrand, and Daniel McCright. We thank them for their efforts and perseverance after the first scheduled work party was rained out.

...Many thanks to those who came to Alden Lane Nursery on November 30 to prepare the large pots that will be helping to beautify First Street. Our crew, consisting of Barbara Stott, Dana Boyd, Irene Heidelberg, Dolores Bengston, Dan McCright, Nancy Harrington, Shirley Eastman, Kathy Jones, Karen Sotto, Nancy McNeish, and Mary Davis weathered a brief rain shower but still finished in record time.

...many thanks to Len Smith for doing the agenda each month for the overhead for each meeting! He adds color and flair when I can't even figure out how to get it in PDF form!

...On Saturday January 21, we tackled the pruning and cleanup of the roses in Hansen Park, the hardest job of the year. We want to thank Gayle Pawloski, Jay Davis, Dana Boyd, Jane Rasmussen, Marilyn and Jack Cutting, Lori Martin, Juan Henseley, Dolores Bengston, Tina Higashi, Barbara Benotto, Sharon Howard and Elizabeth Judge, Mary Davis and Lois Barber for their hard work. We can expect the roses to thank us with a spectacular burst of bloom in the spring, after they have had their winter rest.

...Camp Arroyo had an amazingly amount of rain and washed out work parties. Mary Davis joined me one sun break day and we made great progress on eliminating an invading mint. On a second sun break day Bill Tanner joined me and constructed a retaining wall by the back steps - what an amazing job, we did some trimming too. A big thank you to Mary and Bill!