Nov 29, 2017 Modesto Gardens and Poinsettia Nursery Day Tour

Dan Yockey, past president of the Modesto Garden Club, welcomes LAVGC members to their Clubhouse.
LAVGC members visit the Modesto Garden Club clubhouse.
Vicky Cunniffe and Doris Ryon at the Modesto Garden Club gate.
McHenry Mansion.
Tina Higashi and Sondra Bierre under fall-colored ginkos.
Duarte Nursery poinsettia tour.
Marbled poinsettias.
Speckled poinsettias.
Blush, pink and hot pink Princettia poinsettias.
Cyclamen too! says Marcella Rodgers.
Tables and tables of poinsettias!
We had a great time at Duarte Nursery!