Transparency Design


NGC Handbook For Flower Shows 2007 p. 211

  1. A Creative Design including see-through element/s that permit some components to be viewed through others.
  2. For flower show purposes, the term "transparency" is interpreted as "to be seen through easily"; therefore, in addition to transparent materials, translucent, diaphanous, and grid-like materials are also acceptable.
    1. Plant material. Examples are skeletonized foliage, branches, sea fans, open weave grasses, Gypsophila, etc.
    2. Man-made material. Examples: acrylic, glass, mesh, screening, open-weave fabric, grillwork, etc.
  3. By positioning solid forms in front of and behind transparent ones an increased awareness of depth is realized.
  4. Special lighting, particularly back and/or under-lighting, may further enhance the effect of a transparency.

Notes: Emphasize depth and planes. Back or underlighting may further enhance the transparent effect.