Flowers with Candles


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Class Designs

Candles, especially tapers, challenge us with finding plant material to scale and size

Proportion problem

Change container

Carnations, Eucalyptus

Carnations, Asparagus macowanii (Ming Fern), Amaranthus caudatus (Green Tails)

Change the candle - improve color, proportion and scale

Daffodils, Euonymus japonicus, Aucuba japonica 'Variegata' (Gold Dust)

Designs shown at the Livermore Amador Garden Club monthly meeting


black container with candle
Asparagus macowanii (Ming fern), Chrysanthemum, Anthurium,
o-dapter with Hypericum, Asparagus macowanii (Ming fern), Chrysanthemum
Chanukah-like arrangement
Chanukah design: Liatrus, Buxus sempervirens 'Nana Variegata' (boxwood-mostly reverted pruning), Asparagus macowanii (Ming fern) and Chrysanthemum


wreath-like arrangement
Wreathlike arrangement: Euonymus, Buxus sempervirens 'Nana Variegata' (boxwood-mostly reverted pruning) and Citrus japonica (kumquat)