Monochromatic Designs January 2018

Any design type is allowed. Monochromatic is one (1) color (hue) and all its related tints, tones and shades, excluding pure acromatic colors. Tint is the color in the Pigment System created when varying amounts of white are added to a pure color increaing the pure color's intensity. Tone is when varying amounts of grey are added to a pure color reducing the pure color's intensity. Shade is when varying amounts of black are added to a pure color. Achromatic colors are white, black and grey. Today we are allowing green leaves. The container is either achromatic or the color of the design.

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Glue dots hold the fern upright against the Sansevieria (snake plant or mother-in-law's tongue). Releasing and lowering the fern shows more contrast in texture and color which is paramont in monochromatic designs. Also Asparagus macowanii(Ming fern) was added in the front and back giving the design more depth as well as contrast in texture.
Note the slight difference in the front leaf placement which now gives better balance and shows the rough texture (underside of leaf is used also for the color).