Edible Gardening Group

This group is for novice and experienced gardeners who are interested in learning more about growing their own food. We talk about basic seasonal growing activities and there will be additional focused topic meetings throughout the year. The group will have opportunities for hands on learning such as sowing seeds etc. as well as interactive discussions. If you wish to join this group, please email EGG: Tina Higashi.

Edible Gardening Group (EGG) Work Shop - Compost Training

No workshops are currently scheduled

For more information, contact EGG: Tina Higashi. See the LAVGC Yearbook for Tina's additional contact information.

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Garden Club year 2019-2020

  • September 2019 EGG members attended and participated in the Eden Garden Stop Waste Culminating Event.
  • October LAVGC members Karen Abbruscato and Tina Higashi. Making pickles and Kimchee.
  • November Pumpkins, Winter Squash and growing radishes and carrots.
  • December Dr. Mark Brunnell: Winter and summer hydroponic options to increase your growing capacity.
  • January 2020 Bruce Daggy shows us his equipment for making biochar and tells us how he goes about it. He also introduces a survey he's developed to find out why members in our group grow their food and to what extent this is done.
  • February Member and Master Gardener Diane Dovholuk shares her thoughts on "Healthy Living with herbs and spices, a demonstration of infusions, salves and syrups".
  • March Compost Training provided by Trevor Probert from Stop Waste.

Garden Club year 2018-2019

  • September 2018 Dr. Mark Brunell, Gardening in Our Second Spring followed by Seedshare seed planting
  • October Graham Stott, LAVGC member and member of the California Rare Fruit Growers, Growing Table Grapes
  • November Horse Manure and Worm Composting
  • December Gifts from the Garden
  • January 2019 Movie - "Secret Ingredients" trailer Secret Ingredients
  • February Graham Stott, Grafting and Starting Edibles
  • March No meeting
  • April No meeting
  • May Dr. Mark Brunell, Ways to deter pests in our gardens
  • June Tina Higashi: summer greens and herbs and how to use them; Jim O'Laughlin: gowing gourds.

Garden Club year 2017-2018

  • September 2017 Planting a Winter Vegetable Garden
  • October Seed Saving Basics
  • November Gifts from the Garden
  • December No meeting
  • January 2018 Preserving the Harvest
  • February Planning and Planting the Spring Garden
  • March Container Gardening
  • April No meeting
  • May Tomato Breeding and Growing Edible Blossoms
  • June No meeting

Garden Club year 2016-2017

  • September 2016 No meeting
  • October Winter Cover Crops
  • November Unusual Tools
  • December No meeting
  • January 2017 Wild Ferments
  • February Citrus School
  • March Rare Fruit Growers
  • April No meeting
  • May Spring Meeting
  • June No meeting

Garden Club year 2015-2016

  • September 2015 Seed Saving
  • October Planning a Winter Garden
  • November Preserving Food
  • December No meeting
  • January 2016 Seed starting and plant propagation
  • February Fermentation
  • March No meeting
  • April Planning and Planting Your Spring Vegetable Garden
  • May Field Trip - Rodger's Ranch Heritage Center
  • June No meeting

Garden Club year 2014-2015

  • September 2014 Propagation Workshop
  • October Growing Lavender
  • November No Fuss Fruit Trees
  • December No meeting
  • January 2015 Growing International Greens
  • February Sustainable Gardening Practices
  • March Composting - some new things to think about
  • April No meeting - Plant sale month
  • May Bio-intensive planting
  • June Food Security and Urban Agriculture

Garden Club year 2013-2014

  • September 2013 Tomato Tasting
  • October Seed Saving. Squash
  • November Growing onions and garlic
  • December No meeting
  • January 2014 Irrigation
  • February Asparagus
  • March Irrigation and Water saving Techniques
  • April No meeting - Plant sale month
  • May No meeting
  • June Pests and Diseases
  • July Berry pruning

Garden Club year 2011-2012

  • October we had a wonderful time visiting Wente Garden > > Pictures
  • November we had a workshop on composting, including worm bins and cover crops. > > More.
  • February Seed Starting: Notes
  • April Growing potatoes, carrots and beets. View our pictures from our April work shop on growing potatoes and a discussion of the best way to grow carrots and beets.
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