May 2021


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Betty Nostrand, Editor
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President's Letter

MAY, 2021
Greetings LAVGC Members

Happy Spring

I hope you have been able to get your vaccine so that you are able to meet others who are also vaccinated and have life get back to normal, although it is likely a "new normal". We will be checking into the possibilities of in person meetings in the fall, but it may be 2022 before that happens.

Included in this newsletter is information about two more tours in the Bay Area. Take a look and check out the arrangements they have made for social distancing. These notices came from the Diablo Foothills District where we are a member. In addition to these tours the District needs representation on their board. They are asking all clubs to try and fill one or more of these positions. They currently need a Director, Asst. director, recording secretary, treasurer, parliamentarian, communications, and various committee chairs. Call me if you are interested in more information.

Our club is also in need of filing some positions on our board. The following positions are looking for a member to step up: Diablo Foothills District Representative, Historian, Recording Secretary, and Vice President Community Service.

For our club and the district to function and provide services for our members, we need volunteers to step up and fill open positions. Support is offered to all volunteers and you might be surprised on the return you get in filling a job.

Enjoy the weather and send thoughts to Mother Nature to provide us a bit more rain. Jeri

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Misc. Items of Interest

Tips from our speaker last month, Dan Hinckley:

...Have a family member or favored friend help you plant something in your garden. You will always have those memories when you see that plant.

...You should always have some plant in your garden that you don't know the name of.

...Dan uses Costco white vinegar as a weed killer. It damages all plants so be sure to just get it on the leaves of the plants you want to kill. Pernicious weeds may take several dousings.

...Member Alert: Please contact Molly Fisher if you have changes to your contact information.

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