November 2020


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President's Letter

Greeting LAVGC members

I hope you are enjoying this fall weather. Is has been warm but does not feel as warm as last month. It is a time of year I really enjoy with all the fall color and a bit of dampness in the mornings.

Our Home and Garden Garage Sale was a great success. We were able to social distance and everyone wore masks and neither of those processes interfered with great deals and over $1,500 made for the club. We had a lot of help from club members with either donations or helping with the sale. Thanks to the following who helped with the three days, set up and 2 days of sale: Marilyn Cutting, Nora Kvale, Bill Tallon, Betty Nostrand, Sandra Hirst, Stephanie Erickson, Betsy Harris, Dana Boyd, Lori Martin, Lois Barber, Sondra Bierre, Juan Hensley, Dolores Bengston, Karen Abbruscato, and Anne Bernhard. There are others who made donations of items we sold and since I do not have a complete list of those people, a big thank you to all who participated in one way or another.

We have again made an application to Plant America for a grant to help us to replace 50 roses in the Hansen Park Rose Garden in Livermore. We received notice of the availability of the grant on October 12 and it was due by October 15. Thanks to the work that Dana Boyd did last year, I was able to tweak her application and submit it this year. The foundation received the request and logged it in so keep your fingers crossed that we are successful this year. Thank you, Tina, Karen, and Lois, for your quick turn around on help with the process.

I visited the Rose Garden work party on Tuesday, October 13 for about an hour. We were visited by a third-generation member of the Hansen family, Patti Ising. The work party had a nice visit with Patty, and we watched Dana, Lois, and the Livermore Park Dept. plant four rose bushes. It was a lovely day and I need to remember a hat next time. The way the park is organized it is easy to social distance and wear masks and help with the trimming and dead heading the roses. Check the announcement in this newsletter for the next work party dates and plan to join the fun.

I hope you will continue to join us at our monthly meetings via Zoom. We have had some great speakers and are looking forward to even more in the coming months. Remember to mark your calendars for our meetings on the second Thursday of the month, just like when we were meeting at Alisal Elementary School.

I hope to see you at our next meeting. Jeri Stark, President 2019/2020

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Misc. Items of Interest

...Daniel McCright has several potted plants (birds of paradise, sago palm, geraniums, hibiscus, a large Christmas cactus, a large aloe vera and many more), large terra cotta pots, strawberry jars, many pieces of garden statuary including water fountains, and miscellaneous garden supplies. Many of these objects are large, heavy and bulky, so that is why they were not offered at the recent plant/pot sale at Jeri's house. These items should only be moved once -- to your house if you want them. They are free to whomever will take them away. If you wish to donate something to the Garden Club in return, that is up to you. Dan can be reached at See the LAVGC Yearbook for Dan's addtional contact information if you want more information. You are welcome to come by and see what is available and then arrange to take the items you want during the first half of November. Everything is placed in the front yard. He plans to be moved to Portland, Oregon.

...Club activities, past and current, are described in the LAVGC 35th Anniversary slide show. LAVGC members may click Speakers: past and future - Members then go to September 12, 2019 to see the slide show. New members might be interested in looking at the slide show to learn more about the club's activities. The slide show is available on the LAVGC website ( in the Members only section. It was shown at the September 12, 2019 meeting.

...Member Alert: Please contact Molly Fisher if you have changes to your contact information. See the LAVGC Yearbook for Molly's additional contact information.

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November the garden

...The days are getting shorter so, it seems to me, the hot weather we are still having is not as hot as it used to be last month. The soil should still be warm and ready for planting. Best to plant a little larger plants now so that they have a root system started because the soil should start to cool down soon and then the roots sort of go into neutral.

...This is the time to look for good plant sales at the nurseries. They don't want to maintain and have to keep them over the winter. Perennials may not look their best but will pop back next spring and be wonderful plants.

...Cold season annuals will get a good start now and give great color over the winter: Iceland poppies, primroses, pansies, snapdragons, and viola.

...This is the month to plant spring bulbs. They are in at the nurseries and you need to get them while there is a good selection. Notice the minor bulbs besides tulips and daffodils. They will last for many years and are a nice pop of color before other spring plants get started. Try brodiaea, freesia, or camassia.

...You can cut chrysanthemums to about 3 inches from the ground as soon as they finish blooming.

...Once the rains begin (and that can't be too soon) be sure to knock down basins you may have formed around Mediterranean plants, trees and shrubs so that they don't get water logged on their trunks and stems.

...Twist off excess camellia buds to promote larger blooms.

...Fall has started to fall. If you still have lawn, and you can see the lawn through the leaves, you can shred the leaves in place with the lawn mower and they will act as mulch. If they are a thicker layer, you can bag them and use them in your compost pile or leave the bags in an inconspicuous place in your garden and have leaf compost to use as mulch next spring. Running over the leaves in the driveway or some place before you bag them makes them turn to mulch/compost even faster.

...This is the month of Thanksgiving and I am thankful that gardening has not been added to the pandemic no nos. In fact the limited travel and socializing has meant more time available to spend in the garden. There is always something to be grateful for!

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