June 2019


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Betty Nostrand, Editor
Molly Fisher, Publisher

President's Letter

It is hard to believe this is the last Newsletter of the 2018/2019 LAVGC year and our last meeting is just around the corner. The Club has had a very successful year thanks to all Club members who "got the jobs done". We would like to extend a hearty and sincere thanks to the Board, Committee Chairs and Committee members who provided the leadership and energy that supported the club meetings, special events, tours, work parties, plant sale, publicity, and provided our vital communication links, the Yearbook, Newsletter and Website:
Special thanks to: Gail Bachman, Jeri Stark, Mary Davis, Norma Foss, Beth Clark, Nora Kvale, Nile Runge, Len Smith, Graham Stott, Sue & Jim Farr, Wanda Finn, Irene Heidelberg, Sandra Hirst, Jane Rasmussen, Terri Muir, Cindy Angers, Gail Bryan, Sharon Howard, Lori Martin, Judy Person, Inge Spotnitz, Vicki Cunniffe, Betsy Harris, Georgette Huber, Peggy Smith, Betty Nostrand, Molly Fisher, Den Fisher, Jerri Long, Lynn MacFarland, Ron Volpa, Erica Dedon, Lorna Kruse, Kim Billingsley, Karen Abbruscato, Barbara Stott, Nancy McNeish, Peggy Despotakis, Dana Boyd, Daniel McCright, Bill Tallon, Sondra Bierre, Linda Jensen, Valerie Morrow, Gayle Pawloski, Shirley Eastman, Tina Higashi, Jim O'Laughlin, Lynn MacFarland, Diane Coffee, Michelle Tallon and all those members who pitched in to make our Club vital and meaningful. Many hands make light work!

A new Club year will begin shortly with a grand mix of new and returning leaders. We encourage all members to assume an area of responsibility at any level you are comfortable with. Your help is of great benefit to the club while, most importantly, you will find working with others to achieve a common goal most satisfying.

We thank all of you for the excellent support we were provided these past two years and send our enthusiastic congratulations and best wishes to the new Board as they assume LAVGC leadership.

Lois Barber & Dolores Bengtson, Co-Presidents

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Misc. Items of Interest

...June Meeting Location and Time Change ALERT!! The June meeting will be held on the 13th at the Robert Livermore Community Center on 4444 East Ave. in Livermore. Yearend Potluck starts at 6:30 as usual in June, but different location from the rest of the year as the Alisal School is closed by the date of our meeting, June 13th.

...Alden Lane provided the Plant of the Month in May which was won by Doris Ryon.

...Member Alert: Please contact Molly Fisher if you have changes to your contact information. See the LAVGC Yearbook for Molly's contact information.

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June Jauntimg.................in the garden

...it's past mid-May as I write this and we still don't seem to be fully into spring. The plants love the water from the sky though because it is not as alkaline as our city water! Just be sure your garden's irrigation system is set to accommodate the rains.

...plants seem to be a bit confused by the weather also -some blooming early, some late. I don't get out to tidy up beds as often as I like so I've adopted the "well while I am here" attitude toward pruning, deadheading and cutting back - so plants may get their trimming a little early but I know it will be well past time before I get to that area again...... so "while I'm there" I trim, prune and deadhead whether they really need it or not.

...I am having an inadvertent experiment on my Rose of Sharon (hibiscus syriacus) pruning this year: I didn't get to them at all this winter or early spring so I'm whacking them back now, about three months late, and we'll see if they still bloom for me this summer.

...when it does warm up on a regular basis, the rain or damp weather will be more devastating to Mediterranean and many native plants because their roots and stems will rot. When it is cold they go neutral but in warmer, wet soils they have a hard time surviving. This is why it is a good idea to plant them on mounds so the wet drains off the roots. And don't make wells around their base. Warm, damp weather is also a time to watch for mildew and if you need to supplement watering, be sure to do it in the morning so it has time to dry off during the day.

Have a wonderful summer! See you at the Tomato Tasting in August.

I hope everyone remembers to get their Membership Application and Renewal Form in by July 1, 2019 so that we can get the roster completed for the Yearbook to give out at the September meeting. It is so much more convenient to have everyone's contact information in the Yearbook and not have to find it somewhere else. The Yearbook is also put on the Members Only web page. We've included the renewal form again for your ease. Bring it to the meeting or mail it to Wanda Finn at the address on the form.

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