September 2018


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Betty Nostrand, Editor
Molly Fisher, Publisher

President's Letter

Off we go - into another year of garden adventure. Your Executive Board and Committee Members have been busy over the summer break working to bring you interesting and informative programs, improve your listening pleasure, and working toward our largest fund raiser - the 2019 Plant Sale.

If you know of a particularly interesting speaker let the Program Committee know. There could be need for a fill-in and there is always next year. We were so fortunate this past year, when a speaker was needed, to have a member step-up to present a program. There is already a speaker selected for 2019-2020.

The Audio-Visual Group is working on solving our problem of hearing at Alisal School. Do let them know if what is being tried is working. We want to get this right.

Your Treasurer has incorporated requests and wish lists into a budget to be presented to the membership at our first meeting and is included in the newsletter. We believe that we have been frugal but are also providing for some special needs with your approval. Members may direct questions regarding the budget prior to the meeting to Dolores Bengtson or Norma Foss. See the LAVGC Yearbook for their additional contact information. Please copy both to assure one is available to respond.

The Yearbook will be available at our first meeting. Many thanks to Molly and Dennis Fisher for their contribution to this valuable tool. I had never realized the effort that goes into getting this publication to you. Coordination between the membership chair, Wanda Finn, the proofreaders and the Fishers have produced a Yearbook we can be proud of.

We have a great LAVGC web site, including a members' only section. You will soon receive an email providing the user name and password to access that section.

Looking forward to a great year ahead. Lois Barber, Co-President

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Misc. Items of Interest

...Member Alert: Please contact Molly Fisher if you have changes to your contact information. See the LAVGC Yearbook for Molly's additional contact information.

...Looking for Laptop Computer Donation. Our Audio Visual team would very much like to have a dependable laptop computer available. Those of you who may have purchased a newer laptop but still have that older one, still operable and in good condition, less than 8 years old with a Windows operating system, consider donating it to the club. Please note LAVGC is a non-profit organization with a tax I.D number should you wish to declare the donation for tax purposes. If interested, please contact Nile Runge. See the LAVGC Yearbook for Nile's additional contact information.

...Newsletter questions or changes? Please contact Molly Fisher. See the LAVGC Yearbook for additional contact information.

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September the garden

...this is a busy time in the garden, especially if the weather cools a bit so it is more pleasant to work outside. Lots of planting, dividing, and re-organizing to be done before winter sets in.

...this is a good time to get a soil test done if you've never done one. There are basic tests at the nursery or you can send it to a lab (google it to see the nearest or most economical one) so that you can start amending the soil over the winter to get it to a more neutral point eventually. Soils don't change quickly but you can at least get it started. Soils are also different even within your own garden; for instance if there is a big pine dropping acidic needles on the soil that area with have a much more acid soil. Most of our soils around are pretty alkaline - not wonderful for many plants.

...this is a good time to buy and plant plants in six packs so that they have time to develop a good root system before cooler weather sets in and they go sort of neutral and growth slows dramatically. If you miss the warmer soil times it is better to get larger plants in 4 inch pots or more that already have a good root system going. And remember it is the soil temperature, not the air temperature, that will affect the plants and their root systems.

...iris should be divided about every 3 years. If you haven't already done it this year, get at it as soon as possible. Throw out all dead corms and be sure the ones you plant have a leaf coming up out of it. Many people cut iris leaves to about 6 inches from the ground now, just for tidiness if nothing else, but this isn't a necessity and is debated among iris growers.

...Just about any perennial that is in a huge clump, especially if it is raising up out of the ground should be dug up and divided. If a section doesn't easily break off or if there are not obvious sections, just take a knife (maybe your newly acquired soil knife) and divide the clump in fairly generous portions. Don't be skimpy and try to make lots and lots more plants but give it a head start on its new life by giving it several growing points. If you don't have a place for all the new plants in your garden, please pot them up and grow them so they are a good size and well rooted for our plant sale.

...once you get your perennials divided and new plants planted, you can add a layer of compost and/or mulch so that when the rains come it will wash it down into the soil and help feed the plants slowly.

...deadhead and feed roses in preparation for their last bloom cycle of the year. If you want rose hips (and not all roses form hips) you probably shouldn't deadhead this round and let the hips develop.