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President's Letter

LAVGC started off the year with a most engaging and informative speaker, thanks to our top-notch program committee. Now that we have Dr. Brunell's winter gardening tips, I'm sure everyone is either planting cover crop, broccoli and cabbage, or seeding carrots etc. Over 85 members attended the September meeting, receiving their 18/19 LAVGC Yearbooks, produced by Molly and Den Fisher, (thanks Molly and Den!) and enjoying a lively social hour. At the social hour, members were able to meet and greet old and new members while relishing the delicious treats provided by members under the careful eye and over-sight of that dynamic duo, Sue Farr and her main man, Jim.

Jeri Stark has managed the Penny Pines program for several years, during that time she has enthusiastically promoted the program placing LAVGC at the "top of the heap" of those donating to this important cause. At the September meeting, the Club approved a motion to donate 10 more plantations in honor of the first responders to California wildfires. Should make us all proud.

I believe we all feel better when we take the time and energy to spend time in our garden or someone else's garden. Joining one or more of LAVGC's activities adds a social element to the enjoyment of being outdoors and participating in nurturing plants in some way. I encourage all members to look over the various service projects and programs and find one that suits you. Join in!

Perennials have issued an Alert! Divide us now, pot us up! We want to go to the April 6, 2019 Plant Sale!

Dolores Bengtson - Co-President

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Misc. Items of Interest

...Member Alert: Please contact Molly Fisher if you have changes to your contact information.

...Yearbooks Available at Oct. Meeting - Yearbooks will be available at the October LAVGC meeting. Members are encouraged to take their own Yearbook and, should they have a member friend or neighbor who cannot attend, take their Yearbook for them. Postage is expensive; we hope most of the Yearbooks can be distributed at the meeting.

...Greywater Systems Presentation - Greywater Action will present greywater design and installation features for the common household-to-landscape systems. The meeting will be held at Sunol Glen School, Tuesday, October 9, 6 - 8 P.M. Speaker: Christina Bertea. The program is organized by Alameda County Department of Environmental Health, Land & Water Division, the Sunol Septic Work Group and the Livermore Amador Valley Garden Club, Edible Garden Group.

...Looking for Laptop Computer Donation. Our Audio Visual team would very much like to have a dependable laptop computer available. Those of you who may have purchased a newer laptop but still have that older one, still operable and in good condition, less than 8 years old with a Windows operating system, consider donating it to the club. If interested, please contact Nile Runge. Please note LAVGC is a non-profit organization with a tax I.D number should you wish to declare the donation for tax purposes.

...Diablo Valley College Horticulture Plant Sale, October 26 and 27, Fri. 3 - 6 PM and Sat. 9 to 1 PM, 321 Golf Club Rd., Pleasant Hill, CA 94523, parking lot 9. For more info go to DVC Horticulture.

...Do you want to be a Master Gardener? What are Alameda County Master Gardeners? They are UC trained garden lovers tasked with spreading gardening knowledge to the public. Do you love gardening whether food or landscaping and do you like to give back, help people, share your knowledge with others in the community? Consider becoming a Master Gardener. The next 16 week training class will start next January. For the first time the classes will be held in the Tri-Valley. If interested, signup at UC Master Gardener Volunteer Training. Orientation meetings for the application process (only 40 or so are accepted for each class) will start in September. The City of Pleasanton has allotted the MG program a parcel to start a new educational /demonstration garden on the Bernal property. Get involved now to become a part of it at the ground floor.

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October occupation.................in the garden

...if you've been thinking about rearranging and replanting your garden, now is the hour and get to it! Besides you want to get all this done before the holidays descend upon us and it is even harder to find time to be out in the garden. It's a great time to divide and move plants and to plant new plants. Ideally you want the temperature to be cooler but the soil to still be warm enough to get new roots started and old ones readjusted to a new place. Water the plants before moving or dividing and water the area where you will be putting in new plants and keep them moist for a few weeks until they get settled and/or the rains come! Let's all concentrate on the latter since rain water is so much preferred by the plants.

...you can fertilize just about everything now if you do it soon but camellias, azaleas, and most spring blooming flowers really appreciate it so they can set lots of buds for bloom next spring. Preferably use a low nitrogen mix now.

...it's bulb time so by the end of the month you can start planting them for color next spring. Haven't ordered any? Better get to the nurseries soon to get the best selection. Don't use bone meal in the planting holes as that is just candy to squirrels, gophers and the like.

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