September 2017


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Betty Nostrand, Editor
Molly Fisher, Publisher

President's Letter

Welcome to a new year of garden club activities. We hope that there will be something of interest to every member. I hope that you scheduled the tomato tasting on your calendar since it is this Sunday, 8/27. This is always a fun event.

You are probably reaping the harvest from your vegetable garden. It seems that everyone has some kind of problem from "my tomatoes aren't producing" to "I wish the varmints would leave my fruit trees alone". Hopefully one of the speakers in the coming year will address those issues.

It is time to think about planting a fall garden or putting in a cover crop to improve your soil for next year.

Lois Barber - Co-President

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Misc. Items of Interest

...would you be willing to have a committee, interest group, or Board meeting in your home? If so, please contact Dolores Bengtson. See the LAVGC Yearbook for additional contact information.

...congratulations to Lynn MacFarland who was awarded Flower Arranger of the Year by the Diablo Foothills District and to Sondra Bierre and Barbara Stott for receiving the Propagators of the Year award from the District.

...we will have LAVGC mugs for sale at the meeting. These are left from past years and are fun to have. They'll be available at Maudie's table for a reasonable price.

...if you are getting your newsletter by snail mail and would like to receive it by email (or vice versa), please contact Molly Fisher to make the change. See the LAVGC Yearbook for additional contact information. If you do not receive your newsletter near the first of each month, you can inform her of that also and we'll be sure your name is on the list.

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September the garden

...seems like summer is really winding down but we usually get some really hot spells this month so be careful if you are doing fall planting and protect tender, new plants if we get some heat right after you plant. A piece of cardboard or old umbrella can be put near the new plants to shade them. Be sure you water both the new plants and the area where you are going to put them before you do the planting. Early Sept. is a good time to use 6 packs or small plants because they will have time for roots to develop to get them over the winter before the soil cools and they sort of go in to neutral. sure your roses are all deadheaded and ready to put out their last round of blooms. Actually here roses would keep blooming all year round but we need to prune them in Jan. just to give them a rest and prepare for another stellar year next spring. you may have gathered, I'm not much of a vegetable grower but if you are, or are thinking about it, the Edible Gardening group will get you started on the right track this month. And if you haven't seen Jim O'Laughlin's garden you are in for a real treat - vegetable gardener or not. And even though I made a pathetic attempt at tomatoes this year, (I don't think I got even 25 tiny fruit total all summer) I will go to the Tomato tasting and see what kinds of tomatoes I like and look for them at the Farmer's market next year.

...this is the time to think of bulbs and our meeting will be a great time to get some interesting ones. Tulips, daffodils and spring bulbs should be ordered or purchased now while you still have a good choice. Store tulips in the refrigerator (but not near apples) and plant them out in October after our first good soaking rain. I was just reading that the Farmer's Almanac says we are going to have another wet/cold winter and they are amazingly often correct.

...if/when the rains do start the snails and slugs will be back in force and racing the birds to see who can decimate the tiny, possibly newly planted.plants first so be on the lookout for them and get them however your method of choice is before they can multiply and overrun all the plants.

...this is a good time to be dividing perennials - also after the first rains have dampened the soil and made it easier to dig out the big clumps. If plants have not bloomed real well this year it may mean that they are ready to get more wiggle room and need to be divided or moved into a sunnier spot. You can break apart many clumps but don't make the divided plants too small or they will have a hard time surviving. Pot up a few for our April plant sale and they will be wonderfully well rooted and gorgeous by then!