March 2017


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President's Letter

As I write this message I'm hoping for a few hours of no rain this weekend while I'm off work so I can get my fruit trees pruned! I'm afraid if it rains tomorrow, I'll be out there in my raincoat anyways. Geeze, the Pluot graft that has mostly apricot is already flowering, so I missed the opportunity on that one! I want to head back the canopy of the tree by about 1/3 or so and remove any dead or crossing branches. I don't like heights so anything above where I can reach while standing on the first step of the ladder gets chopped off. That means come summer all my fruit will be no higher than that as well.

It doesn't take much to make me smile while walking out to my van on the way to work. I moved the pot of daphne to the front porch to enjoy her heavenly perfume as we come and go, and I notice the bulbinella, daffodils, geraniums, and iris starting to bloom. Yes, it's beginning to look a lot like spring.

Lori Martin, Co-President

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Misc. Items of Interest

...if you missed Lee's excellent talk on her garden last month, you can see a tape of the talk on our website - and go to the Members Only page. Videos of many of the recent speakers' talks are there thanks to Nile Runge!

...the Memorial for Maureen O'Shaughnessy will be held at Alden Lane nursery on St. Patrick's Day from 5:30 to 7. She was a long time and active member of the club and an employee at Alden Lane.

...the email address for Linda Jensen is incorrect in the Yearbook. See the Members Only Yearbook updates for the latest email address for any member.

...we love to have visitors and guests at our regular monthly evening meeting but interest groups, tours, and other club activities are only open to members due to insurance constraints. If people join now, the dues are half price but are due again in June for next year. to the Flower and Garden Show in San Mateo from April 5-9 are now available at local nurseries. They sell now for a cheaper rate and then you have your ticket (good for any day of the show) and can go right in when you get there.

...also, just a precaution, if you receive an email from a garden club member that seems strange, check not only the name but the email address. Lots of scams going on!

...if you are getting your newsletter by snail mail and would like to receive it by email (or vice versa), please contact Molly Fischer and she will make the change. If you do not receive your newsletter near the first of each month, you can inform her of that also and we'll be sure your name is on the list.

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March the garden careful what you wish for! We wanted rain and by golly we have really gotten it! The sun came out for a bit today and the inclination is to run out and garden before the next shower but we should be extra careful not to step in beds or on soggy soil. Enough oxygen is being beat out of the ground by the heavy rains and we don't need to add to it by stepping and squishing among the plants.

...this is a good time to survey your garden and really note what is not draining well. All areas have certainly been tested. As Lee Giroux said in her talk at the last meeting, plants can stand sitting in wet soil now when it is cold but if it keeps raining and gets warmer, then that is when rotten roots and stems flourish. Make a note of soggy, non-draining areas and know you need to get out as soon as it drains and raise the plant on a mound or dig a well around it so water doesn't stay on the stem as the weather warms up. Warm and wet are deadly to most Mediterranean and native plants so that is why Lee doesn't water all summer! And if you've seen her thriving garden, this is obviously working very well for her plants!

...try to get out and divide and pot up plants for the plant sale as soon as you can so they have plenty of time to develop a good root system. is a good time to fertilize and mulch so the rains will carry the nourishment into the root systems for active spring growth. And I do think the rains will continue for a while.

...try to keep ahead of the weeds which will also be showing a lot of spring growth. The snails and slugs in my garden are loving the wet too. They were almost non-existent during the drought but obviously were just laying low until the moisture returned.

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