June 2017


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Betty Nostrand, Editor
Molly Fisher, Publisher

President's Letter

So hard to believe that a Garden Club year is coming to an end! It seems like it has gone quickly! Lori and I appreciate all the wonderful help we have had throughout the year with people doing such excellent work at their responsibilities. It definitely lends credence to the saying that "many hands make light work!' This month special thanks go out to Sandy Yamaoda and Jo O'Neil for pulling together the gardens for our Member Garden Tour and to Michelle Tallon and her committee (Barbara Stott, Shirley Eastman, Kim Billingsley, Sue Farr and Amy Levin) for putting on such an excellent Good Eats at the conclusion of the tour. Those of you who signed up but didn't come really missed a fun time! Linda Jensen and Gayle Pawloski put together an amazing tour to Hearst Castle and Santa Barbara that 22 members were lucky enough to take advantage of.

One of the neat things about this Garden Club is that you can do a little or a lot as to participation and involvement but we do hope that everyone will do a little. There are lots of committees to join and the workparties are just a few hours commitment a month. If you didn't put down on your membership renewal form how you'd like to be involved, please call Dolores Bengtson or Lois Barber to let them know so we can incorporate you in the best possible way.

Betty Nostrand, Co-President

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Misc. Items of Interest

...Mary Davis has a huge supply of catnip growing in her backyard and it is ready for harvest (which she was just doing this morning). If anyone would like to cut some, they are welcome to come over to her house and do so. It is easily dried for future use in paper grocery bags. Your kitties will love you! See the LAVGC Yearbook for Mary's contact information.

...Congratulations to Janie Chapin who won the "bat themed" group (bat guano, bat plant cuphea, sunflowers, and night blooming potato vine) as plant of the month from Alden Lane Nursery at the May meeting. Thanks Jacquie for putting together such a fun grouping.

...Half Moon Bay's annual "Farm + Fish + Flowers" (formerly known as the Tour des Fleurs) occurs Saturday July 29, 2017, offering a chance to visit nurseries/greenhouses, historic sites, and even a working harbor, many not ordinarily open to the public. Check out the different tour packages and learn how to buy tickets by going to Farm + Fish + Flowers".

...if you are getting your newsletter by snail mail and would like to receive it by email (or vice versa), please contact Molly Fisher to make the change. If you do not receive your newsletter near the first of each month, you can inform Molly of that also and she'll be sure your name is on the list. And a reminder, if your membership is not renewed by next fall that may be the reason you are not receiving a newsletter.

...don't forget to check the Garden Club website - LAVGC.ORG for program details and pictures of recent garden club events.

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June Jobs.................in the garden

...the weather can go from hot to cool to hot again and there are numerous predictions of how the summer will go following our wet winter. All the profusion of blooms this spring has meant there is a lot of deadheading to do! After you deadhead a plant it takes about 6 weeks for a new round of blooms so if you are going on vacation or planning a big garden event, you can set your timing to have the next round of blooms in full glory when you return or during the event. Unless you are contributing to the Seed Share program you do want to dead head your blooms so the plant does not waste energy setting seed.

...plants like daylilies thrive on being whacked back to about 4 inches (known lovingly as the Marty cut) but other plants like most lavenders prefer just to be cut back to a little beyond the blooms.

...many plants that get leggy will benefit from being cut back by at least a third about now- sedum'autumn joy', Mexican sunflowers, and of course chrysanthemums. If perennials are still low it is a good time to set supports around them to grow up through and stabilize the plants.

...this is a good time to add additional compost or fertilizer to your plants. Try to pick a cooler day and be sure that they are well watered. Ideally water before and after adding the nutrition.

...because of the spurt of growth in warm weather, it is a good time to buy plants in smaller sizes like 6 packs. They will have time to get their roots established before we get too much hot, hot weather. And of course you know to take off all the flowers on the plants before you plant them so they can concentrate on growing roots. Hard to do but that is what you "should" do. And actually you should be buying the plants with some buds, not flowers, so that they will bloom longer and not have expended their energy on big flowers.

...the plants loved all the rain we had over the winter - it isn't just the wetness of it but the fact that rain water is not as alkaline as what comes from our hoses and irrigations systems. When watering by hand you can help counteract the alkalinity by adding a bit of vinegar to the water either with a sprayer or if you use a watering can putting some in with the water. If you buy a plant and it says it loves acidic soil (like azaleas, camellias, etc.) or you know it grows so much better on the east coast, it will be much happier if you give it some acid. You can also increase the acidity by using an acidic mulch, like duff from pine trees.

...have a wonderful summer and don't forget to just enjoy your garden now and then!

...I hope everyone remembers to get their Membership Renewal in by July 1 so that we can get the roster completed for the Yearbook to give out at the September meeting. It is so much more convenient to have everyone's contact information in the Yearbook and not have to find it somewhere else. The information is also put on the Members Only web page but for us conventional folks it is still easier to just look in the Yearbook. We've included the renewal form again for your ease. Bring it to the meeting or mail it to Dean Burnett at our box office address on the form.

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