December 2016


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Betty Nostrand, Editor
Molly Fisher, Publisher

President's Letter

The holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving is over so no excuse now not to forge right into the holiday preparations, decorations, and celebrations. Our speaker this month will show us some presents from our garden or local nurseries. Great for the person on your list that has everything!

The potluck before the meeting is a great time to socialize and meet some other members. We have found over the years that gardeners are also great cooks! Note the Potluck starts at 6:30!

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the season, be sure to get outside and enjoy all the Christmas decorations and note what plants are looking great this time of year.

Merry December, Betty Nostrand, Co-President

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Misc. Items of Interest

...we received our membership cards from the state garden club organization and if you didn't get yours yet, please email Dean Burnett. The cards will entitle you to discounts at many nurseries and public gardens.

...David Goosman was the lucky winner of our Plant of the Month in Nov. - a lime green heuchera from Alden Lane.

...We have extra Yearbooks - available for $1 each from Dean Burnett. You should have your first copy, either by picking it up at a meeting or by mail. If you haven't received the Yearbook, be sure someone else did not pick it up for you and that you have paid your dues for this year. The Yearbook contains a roster of members and other important information about the club so be sure to get a copy.

...don't forget to check on the website - LAVGC - for the latest information on activities and pictures. We also now have a Member's Only page that contains the roster and videos of recent speakers at our regular club meetings. Members may email the Co-Presidents to obtain the Id and password. you know someone who is in college in a Horticulture related majoy and would like some scholarship help? The Calif. Garden Club has 2 scholarships of $2000 each. For further information, please email Betty Nostrand.

...Holiday gift idea! Kim Billingsley is offering our daffodil logo in full color embroidered on a shirt, jacket, sweatshirt, for cost! You bring her your choice of clothing article. A smaller logo for the chest is just $10 and the larger back logo is $15. Get her your clothing item, and the appropriate payment (exact change please). This might make a great gift for a garden club friend. See the LAVGC Yearbook for Kim's contact information.

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December the garden

now is the time to be sure your bulbs are planted for the spring display. The ground should be nice and softened up by the rains. If you plant tulips in the ground, don't use bone meal or other meals as fertilizers since the tulips are already 'candy' to gophers, squirrels, etc. and that is just icing on the cake encouraging the bulbs to be dug up and eaten. Daffodils are poisonous so are safer in the ground. The bone meal is still enticing to small animals though. If you plant bulbs in containers be sure to cover the early growth with mesh or screen since most squirrels can't tell if they are tulips or daffodils and dig them all up just to check, breaking off the tip growth in the process.

...cold nights and frosts or freezes may be coming so if they are forecast, be sure your plants (besides succulents) are well watered and they will be able to endure the cold weather better. And leave those Christmas lights on hedges or tender plants to help them through the cold nights.

...Give the Gift of Gardens. The gifts of a garden are too many to count. But what do you get the gardener? Tools, gloves, and seeds are always appreciated, if somewhat expected. We folks of the dirt are a practical lot, but there's nothing very elegant about a gift certificate for a load of manure! A gift membership in Pacific Horticulture ($28) is a lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness when each issue of the magazine arrives in the mail early January, April, July, and October. Published since 1976, Pacific Horticulture magazine delivers an entire year of fascinating stories and beautiful images of West Coast gardens. Visit the Pacific Horticulture website to place your order; memberships purchased by December 15 will receive the Winter 2017 issue in early January. Orders place after that date will receive the Winter 2017 by the end of January. Order at Pacific Horticulture membership. (ed. Note: this is a really great organization and magazine and this is a special deal on the membership with articles that are practical and timely. We will have flyers available at the meeting also).

On making mistakes in the garden: That's how a gardener learns. It's not like making a mistake with the baby that the psychotherapist will trace back directly to you 20 years later. Plants don't' point a finger. It they live, they don't carry grudges. If they die, unless you've killed an entire species or a rain forest, you feel only momentary guilt, which is quickly replaced by a philosophical, smug feeling: Failure is enriching your compost pile. - Anne Raver

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