November 2015


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Betty Nostrand, Editor
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President's Letter

Well I know that Summer is finally over. Not just the cooler weather (it has been too cold for sunbathing) but enough of a sprinkle to force most of us to put tarps up in the garden and go shopping for sheds. This yearly ritual marks the change of seasons for me. Next is putting away shorts and sleeveless tops and getting out sweaters. As a gardener, I qualify as a summer person but Fall is still warm enough. You can have winter and early spring. Well, except for Christmas parties and skiing.

One advantage is the fall garden. I finally pulled out the zucchini and peppers to make room for the favas and peas. I thought that I was done, but I have a few square feet left to plant in before I can put the garden away for the winter. Since I got a juicer, I don't worry about planting too many greens -I recommend celery and parsley for a great green smoothie.

Tia Kay

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Misc. Items of Interest

...We will have our usual Potluck supper at our December meeting and it will start at 6:30. All meetings this garden club year are at Alisal School.

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November the garden

...the soil should be cooling down, daylight hours are getting shorter, and plant growth will subside. Let's still think really strong thoughts for a good soaking rain - maybe the start of El Nino!

...if you have built up wells around shrubs or new plants to contain water, don't forget to knock them down when the rains start. Notice I didn't say "if" - positive thinking please! Most native and Mediterranean plants do not like continued moisture at their base during the cool weather months of the year. Good drainage is a main requirement for them.

...this is a good time to put a thick layer of compost on your beds and hope that the rains will wash in all their nutrients over the winter.

...this is also a good time to analyze your garden - what worked and what didn't do so well this past year and what are areas you need to work on for next spring and summer. Also, what plants are giving winter interest to your garden? Do you have evergreen trees and shrubs or else interesting plant 'frames' that will be nice to look at over the winter months? Take your notes to the catalogs that will be coming soon and get some ideas for future plantings where you need them keeping in mind that many catalogs are written in the eastern part of our country and their weather is quite different from ours. We are in Sunset region 14 and Zone 9 on the other Horticultural charts.

...I find pansies are great for a good pop of color during the winter and they don't seem to mind the cold and short days at all.

...I have spent the last month in western Colorado where it seems to rain all the time and we have already had 2 mornings of frost and snow is on the mountain. We are so blessed in northern Calif. for our long gardening year and relatively mild winter. The tri-valley area is enough winter for me, that's for sure, but it is so mild compared to most of the rest of the country. Can't wait to be back in Calif. in Nov.!

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