May 2015


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Betty Nostrand, Editor
Ann Rivenes, Publisher

Co-President's Letter

What a plant sale that was, thanks to Plant Sale Chair Karen Abbruscato and her team! On sale day everything ran like clockwork. Thanks to all who participated.

You should be able to find a Membership Application/Renewal form for 2015-2016 with this Newsletter or on our website, Renewals are due starting May 1. Of course, you are going to renew, so, don't wait, just get it done early--at the May meeting or by U.S. Mail.

Elections of officers for 2015-2016 will take place at the May meeting. At the April club meeting our sterling nominating committee (Daniel McCright, Lori Martin, and Connie DaRocha) announced their selections. The nominees are as follows. President - Tia Kay, Vice President Meetings and Organization - Sharon Howard, Vice President Community Service - Marcella Rodgers, Vice President Special Interests - Gayle Pawloski, Recording Secretary - Judy Person, Corresponding Secretary - Sue Farr, Treasurer - Norma Foss. I thank them all for being willing to serve our terrific club.

Also at the April meeting, LAVGC honored Dolores Moffat with a CGCI (California Garden Clubs, Incorporated ) Life Membership for her outstanding service in the gardening world. Dolores is a past president of LAVGC, past president of Mount Diablo Rose Society, our Diablo Foothills District representative, co-President and co-Founder of Bay Area Floral Arrangers Guild, Deputy Director of NCNH District of American Rose Society, and about everything there is to be with floral design.

If you were at the April meeting you saw the debut of our wonderful new tri-fold club brochure brought to you by Team Brochure--Dolores Bengtson, Bev Howell, and Rebecca Walker.

See you at the May meeting. Happy Gardening, Tom Jefferson, Co-President

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Misc. Items of Interest case you haven't heard, the club had a very successful Plant Sale on April 11. is with great sadness that we report the death of Norma Holder, an early club member and past Historian, and of Don Dillon, one of our honorary members and owner of Four Winds Nursery.

...The synadenium 'grantii'rubra that Doris Ryon bought at our Plant Sale is unusual and beautiful and when she looked online, people have had such different experiences with it, she would like to talk with its LAVGC grower. If you contributed this plant to the sale, please contact Doris. See the LAVGC Yearbook for Doris's phone # and email address.

...Have you seen the new club brochure? It is really great. I'm sure they'll have extra copies at the meeting for you to read.

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May the garden

...I think June is busting out all over in May this year. Everything seems too eager for Spring to spring and sprout. Decorative fruit trees have bloomed and leafed out already and I hope there are some roses left for the usual Mother's Day Rose Shows. Does this signal an early and hot summer? With the wacky weather lately who can tell.

...we aren't ready to take out our lawns yet but I view it similar to the "native" hills all around us that if the lawn goes brown in the summer, they will revive in the winter or whenever we get rain again. Isn't that what California Gold is all about? Also remember that new plants - native, Mediterranean or low water - need to be watered for at least the first 6 weeks or until they get a root system established.

...And surely you have mulched by now - if not get on it! Single best thing you can do to make the water go as far as possible.

...I have a lot of lizards this year - a little spooky but a good thing! In fact I read that the rather large ones I've seen that look like a snake actually eat snails! Help yourself to all you want lizards!

...If you are off on a long trip this summer, plan time just before you leave to dead head and cut everything way back so that when you return there will be fresh new growth and new buds.

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