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Co-President's Letter

Hi Everyone. It's me again this month. You will get Tom back eventually, how about next month?

I just recently helped out with Arbor Day - I wrote labels and then helped with the paperwork at Alden Lane AND for the first time, I am going to give a presentation to the 2nd graders at two of the Pleasanton Schools. I am partnering with someone who has done it before and then I get to solo the next day at another school. This sounds like it's about as much fun to look forward to as a root canal but just that one bit of help made it seem manageable. I have had a lot of experiences like that - something that sounds impossible by myself ended up being a real joy with the help of someone else. I encourage all of you to start some impossible project ( oh say, like getting rid of Bermuda Grass in your side yard) by asking someone to come over and get you started or just giving you advice on how they would do it. It works, it really does.

In Oakland we had to get tomatoes in by Valentines Day (in their little greenhouses of course) and I just planted my first tomato this week, the week after Valentine's - A little like water skiing with your clothes on but I was feeling lucky AND it has been soooo warm lately. If it gets colder, they will get their little houses again. You can't keep a gardener down. We are coming into 'High Season" for our gardens and I hope you are all energized by the weather and the flowering trees and shrubs and daffodils to just get started.

I'll see you at the meeting

Tia Kay, Co-President

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Misc. Items of Interest

...The Alameda County Master Gardeners Monthly Garden Talk will be "Amending and Building Your Soil with Compost". The speaker will be Paul Patterson, master gardener and master composter. Paul manages the compost systems at the Garden of Grace behind Asbury Methodist Church in Livermore. The Garden Talk will be Saturday, March 14 at 10:00 am at the Master Gardener Demonstration Garden in the Martinelli Center, 3575 Greenville Rd, Livermore.

...Mount Diablo Rose Society, Wed., March 11, 7:30 pm. Dublin City Council Chambers - 100 Civic Plaza, Dublin. Climbing Roses - Anita Clevenger. Do you know the difference between a rambler and large flowered climber? Do you know that not all climbers grow the same way? You will after Anita's talk on Climbing Roses. Anita is the curator of the Sacramento Historic Rose Garden, Board member of the Heritage Rose Foundation, master gardener, and a knowledgeable and experienced rosarian.

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March the garden

...March 18-22 is the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show in San Mateo. This is about the biggest Plant/Gardening oriented show in the Bay Area so it is always fun to go and see the new plants and demonstration gardens. There are a raft of speakers each day on a variety of topics. This year's theme is "Going Wild". Alden Lane Nursery has discounted tickets and it is always a good idea to get tickets before you go so you don't have to stand in line when you get there. See more details at SF Flower and Garden Show.

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