June 2015


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Co-President's Letter

Hi everyone

I just got back from the Gold Country. I'm on the mailing list for the Soroptomists in Nevada County for their Annual Home and Garden Tour. I was very impressed with the quality of the gardens and the enthusiasm of the garden owners. My favorite was the oldest garden. Of course - 17 years of rabbit, sheep and goat manure is hard to beat. I especially loved the hardscaping - lattice fences and rock walls does it for me. We were all inspired to go home and garden!

While on the road, I was emailing the new Executive Board on organizational changes and answering questions on my phone standing in the beautiful garden. Garden work is sometimes more than grabbing a spade. Developing and working with a community of like-minded individuals supports growth of not only the garden, but the club as well. I am looking forward to growing the club in a newer direction, with the feedback and support of all of you.

I am especially looking forward to the June meeting and our annual Pot Luck, usually a feast by anyone's standard. Remember to say Hi to any new members as well as old friends.

I'll see you at the meeting

Tia Kay, Co-President

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