September 2014

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Co-President's Letter

How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Tia Kay

Went to several Board Meetings of the garden club because they couldn't find a VP of Meetings and Organization and I had good-naturedly agreed to volunteer. They had already filled ALL the Board positions so I figured this would be a snap. Then I found out that out new Co-President Bill MacFarland had gotten quite ill and was unable to continue. (Get well Bill!) So somehow my hand came up and I ended up being the new Co-President. Those of you who have ever volunteered know how this can happen to you. So here we are. Since I moved on up Sandy Yamaoda agreed to continue as VP of Meetings and Organization. This will be her 2nd or third (?) year so be very nice to her when you see her. We want this to be a really easy year for her. Went to the Budget Meeting, stayed awake, and we gave birth to a brand new budget (almost a twin to last year's budget- it is attached to this newsletter). We easily crammed 45 minutes of useful discussion into two hours (Thanks Tom). It is the LAW around here that the membership has to approve the budget before we can spend any of that money, which we WILL do in September. Anyone voting against the budget can cheerfully accompany me to the next Budget Meeting. You have been warned.

Work is over so now play: hiked the Eastern Sierras around Mammoth and made it up to the Pacific Crest Trail and have photos to prove it. Then glamour camping at Hetch Hetchy. Many thanks to Rebecca Walker for giving my garden enough water to stay alive. Since then I have been cooking and canning every day to keep up with the produce. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having a vegetable garden! Went to Terra Bella Family Farm's open house and Tomato Tasting and saw the Sunol Ag Park for the first time - AWESOME! Think community garden, only with acres. Helped out at Hansen Park with deadheading Kudos to Karen Jefferson, Lydia Roberts, et al for making it into a REAL rose garden. She also plays on our ALL-Star Program Committee along with Sharon Howard, Sondra Bierre and Lori Martin. Programs have been and will continue to be first rate. Visited Eden Project, said Hi to Lois Barber and Karen Abbruscato and picked cherry tomatoes for about 4 minutes. What a garden! took some overly ripe tomatoes home and made tomato soup. My tomatoes have been on strike demanding more (or more regular, water) so that was a huge gift

Tia Kay - Co President

Misc. Items of Interest is with great sadness we report that Club member Patsy Neely passed away on July 17. Patsy was a great club member, consistently serving on just about every work party.

...Sustainability Fair, speakers and demonstrations on Sat., Sept. 6, from 10 to 3, at the garden at N. Wiget and Shadelands Dr. in Walnut Creek. For more info go to Sustainabilty Fair.

...Bart O'Brien, new Director of East Bay Regional Parks BotanicGarden at TildenPark spent 20 years at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, and is co-author of California Native Plants for the Garden and Reimagining your California Lawn, will speak October 11th at 11 a.m. at Alden Lane Nursery. We suggest calling to reserve a seat at this free lecture. (447-0280)

...A SPECIAL ON MEDIUM NITRILE GLOVES: Just Medium size Nitrile gloves are $5.00 each. Those who do not plan to attend the meeting can can contact Connie Darocha. This is the last time the gloves will be for sale at the meeting.

Your mind is a garden; your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds. Contributed by Karen Abbruscato's mom.

September the garden has your garden taken the summer with less water? How much have you cut back? Under the Sensory Garden article Dan tells of the plants that have done well and even thrived with a lot less moisture since the City cut back dramatically on watering there and especially our ground beds that rely on water from the sprinklers for their moisture. All sorts of talks (including our regular meeting speaker this month) will be sharing tips on how to garden in the drought. The new reality of all of us.


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