April 2014

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Co-President's Letter

A few of us were asked to submit information about us for an article that the Independent is doing on LAVGC and our Plant Sale (thank you Bev!) True to form, I was a bit late in getting my info to the author, so nothing will be included. I thought I would share what I wrote and please note the emphasis on the last paragraph.

"I'm Karen Abbruscato, I live in Pleasanton and I'm Co-President with Tom Jefferson. I've been a member for 3.5 years and feel like a newbie because so many people have been members for over 20 years. Fortunately, Bernice Oakley, one of our founding members, gives her historical update at our meetings and lets me know what great events I missed over the years. The club was founded in 1984.

LAVGC is one of the largest garden clubs in California and has activities for every type of gardener. When I look at my calendar it's filled with tours, activities and events that our enthusiastic club has planned. My favorite event is the tomato tasting every September. It kicks off our new year, we have about 100 tomato varieties to taste then we feast on the tomato inspired dishes. I also seem to come away with a ribbon or two from the tasting competition, so maybe that is why I like it so much.

Our plant sale is great for those wanting to start their summer veggie garden as well as those wanting to plant for landscaping. The hard freeze we had this winter has probably left most of our gardens with a few dead plants that will need to be replaced so the plant sale can help with that. We're also experiencing a drought so we will offer lots of natives and other drought tolerant plants.

I started gardening when our daughters started sleeping in on the weekend. They didn't need Mom around so I picked up the shovel and clippers and started playing in the yard. Next was expanding our one raised bed of tomatoes and basil to a huge garden where I grow 40 different varieties of tomatoes, squash, asparagus, onions, garlic, potatoes, cucumbers, pepper, eggplant, kale, turnips, beets, artichokes, and herbs (basil, oregano, parsley, cilantro, dill, rosemary and chives).

One of my favorite things about LAVGC is the camaraderie. I feel like our club is my extended family, everyone is so nice and helpful and willing to go the extra mile to serve the club and the community. Maybe its because we're all gardeners and gardeners are great people!

Karen Abbruscato - Co President

Misc. Items of Interest

...SOIL KNIVES AND NITRILE GLOVES: For sale at the meeting will be Deluxe soil knives at $18.00, regular knives with sheath are $18.00 sold as a set. Knife blades are the highest quality of stainless steel from Italy. Nitrile gloves are $6.25 each, in all sizes. Those who do not plan to attend the meeting can contact Connie Darocha.

"My garden is too small for all the plants I want to grow, and too large to maintain." - John Gwynne


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