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Lynn MacFarland, Best in Show
Livermore-Amador Valley Garden Club (LAVGC) is a non-profit educational service organization affiliated with California Garden Clubs, Inc. serving the Tri-Valley Area: Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, San Ramon and Sunol.

LAVGC Vision: Gardening for fun and purpose while working together to share knowledge and promote environmental responsibility.

LAVGC Mission: Encourage interest in all phases of home gardening; Promote better horticultural practices; Promote civic beauty; Promote conservation of natural resources.

LAVGC Brochure.

LAVGC offers special interest groups and workshops on a variety of related subjects.

Different special interest groups include Edible Gardening, Floral Design, Garden Tours and Seed Sharing.

Members take tours to see outstanding gardens, nurseries and to attend horticultural events. Members also perform community service locally and nationally.

LAVGC meets the second Thursday of September through June at Alisal Elementary School in Pleasanton.

LAVGC Speakers: past and future

Regular Monthly Meeting
Thursday, February 14, 2019 at 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

The LAVGC monthly meeting is at the Alisal Elementary School multipurpose room, 1454 Santa Rita Road, Pleasanton, CA 94566.

Drought Tolerant Garden Design - Andrea Hurd, speaker

Our speaker, Andrea Hurd from Mariposa Gardening and Design, is an award winning stonemason, garden designer and horticulturist in the Bay Area. She has a long list of credentials. To name just a few; she is featured in Sunset Gardens, KQED, Pacific Horticulture Magazine, Western Horticultural Society, Oakland Magazine and much more! Please check her website

Andrea has used Permaculture as the guiding design principle for all of the gardens she has worked on and designed. Andrea's garden designs feature her artistic eye, as well as her love for well-built dry-stacked stonework.

If you are interested in joining Andrea for dinner before the meeting, please contact Sharon Howard. See the LAGC Yearbook for Sharon's contact information. We are not sure if Andrea will be able to make dinner at this time but Sharon will contact those interested if Andrea's schedule will accommodate dinner.

Visitors Are Welcome!

Please join us at the monthly meeting or contact us at the Contacts link above. Please take a moment to fill out the Membership Application Form for Fiscal Year July 2018 through June 2019. Membership dues for February 1, 2019 through June 30, 2019 are half the regular dues.

For more information about membership or dues, please email Wanda Finn.

PDF requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Members Only section

Check out the Members Only section. Click on the 'Members Only' menu selection on any page, enter the Id and password. The Members Only section contains the club Yearbook, speaker video links, club forms, newsletter archives, meeting minutes and more. Members may email the Co-Presidents to obtain the Id and password.

Thanks, thanks and more thanks

Thanks to all who participate in the club workshops, work parties and providing meeting refreshments. > > More

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Talks on Video

If you missed our meeting speakers' informative talk, you can see the video of the talk on the club website Members Only section. Most of our recent club meeting talks are on view there.

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Arbor Day Presentations are here Again!

Saturday, February 23, 2019 9:30 am - 1:00 pm. Location: Alden Lane Nursery Seasons Room.

The LAVGC and Alden Lane Nursery will once again be partnering to hand out Poppy Seed packets to eager 2nd graders at Pleasanton Elementary Schools in recognition of California's Arbor Day, March 7. During the week of March 4th, students and their teachers attend our presentations, assembly style, where they learn about Luther Burbank (it's his B-day, March 7) and some of his accomplishments, but mainly the benefits of trees. The students then receive a packet of California poppy seeds, courtesy of Pacific Coast Seeds, and a colorful brochure. Each participating school will also receive a Penny Pines Certificate. Please consider signing up as an Arbor Day Presenter at the February 14 meeting. We always partner first time presenters with experienced presenters

Jacquie Williams Courtright has scheduled an Arbor Day poppy seed packaging workshop on Saturday, February 23, from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm in the Seasons Building at Alden Lane to prepare poppy seed packets and handouts. This is the building that is near the corner of Holmes and Alden Lane. Jacquie will leave that gate unlocked near that building that morning for LAVGC volunteers to enter as well as the main entrance. This is always a lively affair and many hands help to make the seed packaging, classroom sorting, and handout compiling a pleasant repast. Participants spoon tsp of poppy seeds into seed packets, then staple the cover sheet over the packet. We ask participants to bring their own tsp. spoons, stapler and staples. Potential presenters will be receiving a mini refresher lesson. Home baked refreshments will be served as well as juice and hot teas, courtesy of Chez Dedon.

If you are interested in participating in the Arbor Day Seed Packaging Workshop or being a presenter at the schools, or both, please signup at the February meeting or contact Erica Dedon. See the LAVGC Yearbook for additional contact information.

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2019 Annual Plant Sale

Saturday, April 6, 2019 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. Rain or Shine. Location: Amador High School Parking lot. 1155 Santa Rita Rd., Pleasanton.

Flyer Distribution: Please download, print and distribute the 2019 LAVGC Plant Sale Flyer to your friends, family and co-workers. Open 2019 LAVGC Plant Sale Flyer (Quarter Size) to print 4 small flyers on 1 page.

We urge members to continue propagating and caring for your donated plants for the sale. As usual, at the February meeting, we will have a supply of plastic pots of various sizes and plant identification labels available for you to take as needed. We held a planning meeting for the Plant Sale on January 15. We learned that seeds of a goodly number of vegetable plants have been sown. We also have some members who have large numbers of plants that need division and potting up, so we will be holding small work parties (4-5 members or so) to do this work. We will call for volunteers, so watch your e-mails for announcements about these. At the February and March meetings, we will have sign-up sheets ready for members to volunteer to work a shift at the Plant Sale on Saturday April 6 or at the pricing parties on Friday April 5. We will also put out a call for tables, chairs and pop-ups to lend us for the Plant Sale day. Last year, we had a sufficient number of these items so we did not have to rent anything. We hope that our members will be equally generous this year. If you know of new venues to publicize our sale, such as social media, please let us know.

Some new features for the 2019 Plant Sale include a customer survey card. The cards will be distributed to customers as they arrive at the sale and we will ask them such questions as how they learned about the sale and in which community they live. We will ask them to give us their e-mail address so we can contact them in future years. Another new feature will be separate sales slips for the boutiques items. This will give greater flexibility in setting the price for the boutique items, which are often unique, and have an individual price tag on each item. Plants will continue to be priced according to a color coded tag in each pot. We plan to enlarge the holding area to avoid the congestion as customers continue to shop and add their newest plants to those already in the holding area. We have invited the Master Gardeners to consider occupying a space at the plant sale where they can offer a demonstration about their educational program. We will set up a Membership table to publicize our club and recruit new members.

As in the past we will have two drop-off locations for donated ornamental plants, one in Livermore and one in Pleasanton. If at all possible, we will ask members to drop off all of their boutique items and edible plants to the Pleasanton location. All of the donations will ultimately end up at the Pleasanton location where most of the pricing activities will take place. We will have signs at the Pleasanton location where each category of plant should be left so that our members can drop off their plants in the appropriate locations. This will allow us to organize the array of plants on Friday afternoon much like they will be set-up at the high school parking lot. Thus, we will be able to transport blocks of plants and streamline the set-up on Saturday morning. We will have more details about how this will work in future newsletters and club meetings.

Items donated for Maudie's Boutique should have a clear relation to gardening. In the past, popular items were many kinds of ceramic, terra cotta and clay pots of all different sizes. We have had garden tools, hoses, watering cans, as well as items such as trellises and tomato cages to give you a range of possible items. Garden statuary, bird baths, fountains and the like are also suitable.

We are also considering having items like color bowls and hanging baskets in the sale. We received a large donation of clay pots in which we will plant some colorful plants. If members are interested in making craft items, like bird houses, we will consider helping with the supplies.

While the Plant Sale is a big overall effort, if each member does his/her part doing some activity before or during the sale, there is a tremendous satisfaction in participating, plus the camaraderie of working together with other members. The old mantra holds - if everyone does a little work, then no one person has to do a lot.

We will have another planning meeting in mid-February, so there will be more information coming out at that time.

If you have questions or comments about the plant sale, please contact the Plant Sale Chairmen Bill Tallon and Daniel McCright. See the LAVGC Yearbook for their additional contact information.

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2019 Garden Share

Sunday, April 28, 2019 1:00 - 4:00

Garden Share (formerly known as Members Garden Tour) will be held on Sunday, April 28 from 1 to 4 pm. There will be 5 or 6 members' gardens to tour in Dublin and Pleasanton and a potluck for all participants to follow at a local park in Dublin. More details to follow. Garden assistants will be needed, and will be asked to sign up at the February meeting.

Want to share you Dublin garden? We'd love to see it - please contact Michelle Tallon.

For more information, contact Michelle Tallon. See the LAVGC Yearbook for additional contact information.

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Daffodil Valley - The Beginnings

Jacquie Williams Courtright, Alden Lane Nursery

(editors note: Many wondered about the full story of Daffodil Valley when it was mentioned at the Memorial for David Oakley so we asked Jacquie to share the details of it.)

It was at a national garden center meeting in 1994 where my husband Tom and I heard a North Easterner talk about a very successful community beautification project. The nurseryman shared providing nominally priced daffodil bulbs to clubs and homeowners for planting in public and private street side spaces where they could be seen & enjoyed by passersby.

As we were flying home I kept thinking about daffodils, wouldn't it be beautiful to turn Boot Hill into our community's Daffodil Hill! On our return, I reached out to David and Bernice Oakley to see how we could partner with LAVGC. David loved the concept and became the project's champion. He turned this 'good idea' into a valley wide beautification effort including Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin and Sunol. David's leadership and vision coupled with countless volunteers made it happen. Over 300,000 bulbs were planted including Ice Follies, Golden Trumpet types, and the Bulb Barron's Carmel Valley naturalizing hybrid Narcissus. The garden club earned local, state and national honors! Hooray!

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Penny Pines Update

Since the beginning of our new season starting with our meeting in September, the club has donated $278.84 to our Penny Pines box as it is passed around at our meetings. We started the year with a balance of $964.73 and so felt that we should make use of some of those funds to help rebuild the forests lost in the fire of 2017/18 and so we voted to donate 10 plantations to honor the firefighters and first responders. Well done.

Since then the club has donated 3 plantations in memory of Pat Burnett, Donald Bird (husband of Christine Bird) and Robert W. Kuenning (husband of Maudie Kuenning). In addition we have had members order gifts for 13 additional plantations to either honor their loved ones at Christmas or to memorialize a loved one. This means that since September 1 we have donated 27 plantations which total 71 plantations since we started the program. Big congratulations to each of you who have participated with either your change or a gift of a plantation.

On Saturday, January 19 our club participated in the "Make A Difference" program at the Pleasanton Library and we informed the many attendees about our many programs such as Seed Sharing, Arbor Day, and Camp Arroyo, Eden Garden and the Sensory Garden, we also passed out information on Penny Pines and reminded them about our upcoming plant sale. Hopefully we will see a new member or two who visited on Saturday.

If you want to know more details about what the Penny Pines program is all about, look at page 15 in your Yearbook. Also, for more information click Penny Pines.

If you are interested in making a gift, call or email Jeri Stark for information or pick up an application at our next meeting. LAVGC members may also access the Penny Pines form in the Members Only Forms section. (ed. note: also remember to be generous when the green Penny Pines box comes around at the meeting!).

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Soil Knives, Sheaths, and Nitrile Gloves

Diane Coffee has contacted A.M. Leonard Co. and will get an update on the prices. At the February meeting she will have a sign-up sheet with any new prices so you can put in an order for whatever you need. She should have the items by the March meeting. Please come prepared with a check or cash. If you cannot come to the meeting and would like to order, please see the LAVGC Yearbook for Diane's contact information.

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